Despite the lockdown, we really wanted to continue improving your gaming experience by adding new features and applying bug fixes that should be to your liking.

Although all of the changes in this update planned for April 29 are available in the changelog below, we'd like to give you more details about some of them.


1. Features and Content

  • The condition related to Dragoturkeys in order to advance in Otomai's quest and that made it possible to reset your characteristics has been removed.

In response to the server merger's being postponed, we intervened to let you reset your characteristics by going to see Otomai, without the need to do the "Another Means of Transport" quest, which requires the player to provide two Dragoturkey certificates. Players with a character above level 81 will no longer be required to purchase a Magical Orb in the store. The quest will become mandatory again once the merger is completed.

  • No more overloaded arenas!
"You cannot enter because there are too many people." How many mice were thrown against walls at the sight of this message? Way too many! For their well-being (and yours), we are pleased to announce that we have found a solution to overloaded arenas. From now on, there will be no limits on access, as is the case for any map in the game, and players will be able to release up to 50 soul stones simultaneously instead of 20 previously.
Also, we intervened to let players release a soul stone "every time", without being forced to try several times. After a dungeon with friends in the evening, you'll be able to follow up in the arena without any difficulty (even if until now, you were counting on the arenas being overloaded so as to sneak off and make a steal at the marketplace unnoticed).
  • We are taking action on the NPC resale prices of some items.

In order to make the servers viable in the long term, we decided to adjust the NPC resale prices of some items. Here, we're using the feedback from DOFUS 2 in order to balance the natural mechanisms that generate and destroy kamas. If kamas weren't destroyed, servers would get "old" much faster.
We are aware that the practice of dropping Gobball Legs **** to better sell them on cooked to an NPC for 5,000 K/u had become popular, but this results in artificially generating large sums of kamas without the player marketing the dropped meats. Thus, the player doesn't have to diversify their activity and isn't subject to supply and demand, as is the case for the rest of the resources they could acquire. This just wasn't good enough.

  • Characters now have specific animations for their spells and harvesting when they are on a Dragoturkey.

Several weeks ago, we polled the community on changing spell and harvest animations when the player is riding a Dragoturkey. Despite a little reluctance from some players on the forums, the result of the poll was clear! A very large majority of players (>75%) are in favor of this change that will affect the Remastered pack and the "classic" version. Thanks to DUSK, who doubled down so it would be applied in version 1.32!

  • You no longer have to wait for spell animations to end to cast a new one.

We were also asked to find an alternative to "anti-lag". For those who don't know what it's about, "anti-lag" was an option in the modified clients before the Retro servers came online (remember that any modification of the game client is now prohibited and sanctioned); it merely removed spell animations so spells could be cast in series without waiting for the animations to end. As players got used to it, they felt that removing this option was a step backward in the gaming experience.
We decided to take action, so you no longer have to wait for a spell animation to end for you to cast it again. Note that only certain spells are affected, as you already didn't have to wait for quite a few spell animations to end for you to cast them again. This is a satisfactory solution, as players gain fluidity while keeping the fun side of animations. In addition to this are other improvements that will make your fights smoother than ever! Now there's no excuse not to create your team of Ecaflips and do one +AP roulette after another!


2. Bug Fixes

  • The soul stone marketplace will now be limited to 1,000 of each full soul stone.

Regarding bug fixes, following the last double XP weekend, we got reports that the soul stone marketplace's being overloaded resulted in the client crashing when visiting it. We are limiting the soul stones that can be put up for sale to 1,000 per category ("full soul stone", "dungeon keeper soul stone", "[…] spiritual gem", etc.) so players will be unable to put stones up for sale if the limit has been reached.
Introducing this limit should not make things any more difficult for sellers, because if the soul stone marketplace were to otherwise become overloaded, no buyers could buy stones anyway. Note that this fix will have the effect of "debugging" the marketplace only if it is currently overloaded. Only players can permanently remedy the situation by agreeing to withdraw their stones from sale, either manually or pending expiry of the time during which they are put up for sale.

3. Shop

To celebrate the arrival of this 1.32 update, we have also thought of those who wish to see more options available in the Retro Shop and we have added a pet that gives up to 55% damage. Thus, we are pleased to inform you that the Treechster will be available for purchase as of April 29th. This soul eater that counts all the members of its family that you have killed (yes, it's scary) will accompany you during your drop and XP sessions in the Treechnid Forest. Meaning that he will never leave your side.

So? Looking forward to April 29?


4. Comprehensive List of Changes


  • The condition related to Dragoturkeys in order to advance in Otomai's quest and that made it possible to reset your characteristics has been removed;
  • The NPC resale prices of the following items have been modified:
    • *, **, ***, and **** meats: 1 kama,
    • Emerald, Crimson, Turquoise, and Vulbis Dofus: 1 kama,
    • All equipment is capped at 10,000 K;
  • Characters now have specific animations for their spells when they are on a Dragoturkey;
  • You can prepare a move or another spell while a spell is being cast or monsters are rotting. The move is then processed immediately once the animation has finished;
  • It will now be possible to prepare to cast a spell outside of your turn and the spell will no longer be deselected. Range and line of sight information is updated immediately when the player's turn starts;
  • The restriction has been lifted that limited the maximum number of players per map in the Bonta and Brakmar arenas;
  • It is now possible to release up to 50 soul stones simultaneously on an arena map instead of only 20 previously;
  • The movement speeds of Cras' arrows and Pandawas' vulnerabilities have been increased;
  • The appearances of soul stones have been changed according to their content so as to improve visibility;

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a display issue that caused the animations for the Hunting Blade and Hunting Axe tools to be switched;
  • Applied improvements and bug fixes for Remastered characters to the classic version (shadow effects, animation issues, etc.);
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Regah Daggers from displaying in the game;
  • Optimized the Vulnerability and Coin Throwing spells to reduce performance losses if recast quickly;
  • Added appearances for Darkli Moon Totems to improve combat visibility;
  • Added a Totem appearance to the Ruby transformation;
  • Modified appearances for certain spells that were duplicated (Bramble, Soothing Bramble, Manifold Bramble, etc.) to improve combat visibility;
  • Fixed false-positive detection of attempts to cheat in combat, which could result in undeserved temporary bans;
  • The soul stone marketplace will now be limited to 1,000 of each full soul stone to avoid the client crashing when visiting it;
  • Players can no longer receive more than one challenge or group invitation every two seconds;
  • It is no longer possible to circumvent time limits on chat channels by logging out and logging back in;
  • Applied a patch that should reduce the risk of non-target cells appearing in combat;
  • It is now possible to place a Perceptor, a prism, and release a soul stone that can now be summoned without checking if a character is on the cell;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some groups of monsters from moving until the server was rebooted;
  • When characteristics are reset, equipment whose usage conditions are no longer met is unequipped;
  • You no longer have to wait for spell animations to end to cast a new one, for the following spells:
    • Natural Attack
    • Crow
    • Shovel Throwing
    • Shovel Kiss
    • Unsummoning
    • Mound
    • Heads or Tails
    • Bluff
    • Magic Arrow
    • Frozen Arrow
    • Poisoned Arrow
    • Atonement Arrow
    • Immobilising Arrow
    • Plaguing Arrow
    • Slow-Down Arrow
    • Explosive Arrow
    • Leek Pie
    • Dispersing Arrow
    • Assault
    • White-Hot Vulnerability
    • Aqueous Vulnerability
    • Windy Vulnerability
    • Chamrak
    • Earthly Vulnerability

Bug fixes only applied to the Remastered version:

  • Fixed a color issue on the windows of houses in Madrestam Harbour (blue instead of green);
  • Fixed a quality issue with the "Blindness" spell icon;
  • Enutrofs no longer change size when harvesting crops face-on;
  • The Mummified Xelor no longer lets its capes appear while running;
  • Fixed the color of the Astrubian shoemaker marketplace;
  • Improved the quality of the following:
    • plants in the sewers and stalactites in the caves of Astrub,
    • Koalak Mountain zone.
  • Fixed a display issue that made the character's equipment visible while turned into a Ghoul on a mount;
  • Improved performance in the Blop, Fungus, Skeunk, and Bwork dungeons.