Duncan MacCocker demonstrated his ingenuity and Brendo Welsh escaped her captors, but what about Jaillat Kubiak? As for Helgaga, after her incredible act of bravery, she suffered a terrible injury that could very well prove to be fatal…

Daylight and clean air gave her renewed hope and energy, but her eyesight was blurred. Helgaga staggered a few steps outside the tent, from which thick black smoke poured. Disorientated and weak, the Osamodas collapsed on the dusty ground. She checked she hadn't crushed her exhausted Iopfoon Toota beneath her own weight and was pleasantly surprised to see that the creature was slowly coming to its senses.

Duncan MacCocker, who was watching a short distance away, quickly rushed over to his sister-in-arms.

"Helgaga! What happened?" The Ouginak saw the wound on the right side of his companion and immediately applied pressure to stop the bleeding. "Oh no…"

"Don't worry, Dunky… 'Tis but a scratch," lied the injured warrior.

"I'm no fool, Helga! I know a nasty flesh wound when I see one. But I'll take care of you, and… sorry about your Iopfoon, I had to improvise."

At that moment, the bird flew furiously at the dog and started pecking his head while berating him in an incomprehensible language.

"Ow!… Ouch!… Oww!… I'm sorry, little bird! I thought it would just create a little smoke…"

Despite her pain, Helgaga managed a faint smile. But her face suddenly hardened when she noticed Father Perledelaih escaping the burning tent. The priest looked left then right before meeting the eyes of his enemy. Duncan saw the change in his companion's face and looked around immediately, but the somber-looking Feca cast a Gust that threw him hard against a tree off to the side, separating him from Helgaga and stunning him.

"Even though you are a half-Iop, half-Osamodas abomination, I will still grant you forgiveness."

With no hint of mercy, Father Perledelaih cast a Lifelessness spell: The Fire attack descended on the Osamodas, but Toota suddenly appeared, shielding her owner and taking the damage in her place…

"NOOO!" yelled Helgaga.

The Iopfoon fell from the air, her feathers smoking. The Osamodas stretched her arm out as far as possible to try and catch her, but the poor creature crashed to the ground in a blackened heap just out of reach. A tear slowly rolled down the Scrollsayer's cheek. She wiped it away from her clenched jaw.

"Will you now accept your salvation?" said the preacher, removing a hidden dagger from his robe and raising it above Helgaga's head. His judgment was suddenly interrupted by a magic arrow, which struck his hand and made him drop his weapon.

"Ahhh!!!… Who dares commit such sacrilege?"

Father Perledelaih looked to the right and saw the Pandawa archer, surrounded by four Iopfoons, holding Iop swords firmly in their claws.

"Jaillat Kubiak! How is this possible?"

"With friends and determination, anything is possible," said the adventurer with a wide grin and his tongue hanging out. "Isn't that right, girls?"

With a disturbing thrumming of wings, Toofa, Toola, Tooba, and Toona agreed.

"You said it, Jaja!"

Father Perledelaih looked round to his left and saw the explosive Eniripsa, who was tossing a pink grenade stamped with a double-headed arrow up and down in her hand. Two other armed and dangerous Iopfus stared at him. All of a sudden, the preacher's head started spinning…

"Ahh… what have you done, you big fat Bamboo-Milk-drinking… ahhh?!"

"Just a little ranged inebriation spell, old man. You need to be a Pandawa worthy of the name to master its benefits without risk to your health."

Father Perledelaih staggered, then fell to the ground. He crawled about on all fours, looking for his dagger. He found it, grabbed it, then tried to attack Helgaga again, but Brendo Welsh threw her bomb between the two of them. A gentle explosion left a fluffy pink cloud that slowly started to dissipate. When the fog cleared, Helgaga was standing and looking down at Father Perledelaih, who was on the ground, grimacing and holding his right side.

"Ahhhhh! What is this curse, what have you heretics done?!"

"A healing spell," said Brendo, moving toward Helgaga. "But a selective one," she continued, placing her hand on her companion's back. "I call it the 'Taste of your own medicine' bomb. It swaps an ally's wounds with those of an adversary. More precisely, those the adversary doesn't already have!"

"Your punishment will match your… mm mmmm!!!"

Duncan taped Father Perledelaih's mouth shut with band-aids, then dusted off his hands in satisfaction.

Finally reunited, the four friends congratulated and hugged each other, then Brendo gently picked up Toota.

"Can you do anything for her?" asked Helgaga anxiously.

"The poor Pink Piwi… She should pull through, I'll take good care of her."

"Helgaga, I…" started the Ouginak awkwardly.

"Don't worry, Duncan," said the Osamodas, placing a hand on his shoulder to reassure him. "You did what needed to be done. Just don't do it again, please!" She turned to address the others. "Right, let's hurry! We must quickly save the agents and militiamen trapped in the burning tent!"

Helgaga dove head first into the flames, closely followed by her valiant Iopfus.

"Looks like she's feeling better!" said a relieved Jaillat.

A muffled laugh disturbed the group's heartened mood. Father Perledelaih was rolling about on the ground, in stitches despite being unable to open his mouth.

"I think he's finally cracked," said Duncan, who then ripped the band-aids off the priest's mouth to test his hypothesis.

"Hahahahaha! Hoohoohoo! You think you're safe now! Haha! Oooof… that hurts…"

"You've lost it, preacher! Brendo will heal you after she's tended to Toota. In the meantime, a little suffering will do you good," added Jaillat.

"They're coming! – cough, cough – They're coming for you! Haha!"

"I need help here!!!" shouted Helgaga from the tent.

"Go on, Jaillat, I'll watch this loser," said Duncan.

The Pandawa gave a thumbs-up and set off to help Helgaga rescue those caught in the fire. Silence returned. A gentle breeze ruffled the fur of the canine adventurer. Duncan could sense something was not right. He sniffed the air, relying on his keen sense of smell. The wind blew again. The Ouginak flinched.

"Gods, no! He's right…"

"You're finished! Haha! Finished!"

Standing upright on all four paws, Duncan smiled at him.

"You really should know us better by now. We can achieve anything together. Together, we are a guild. Together, we are… the League of Adventurous Scrollsayers."


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