The weekly event has arrived! Djinn, Alvi and Logan for the first part, followed by Logan & Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!


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On the agenda for this week's Q&A:



Are all the secret spells now in the game, or are there some that have yet to be added?

All that's left is the mysterious case of the "Dark Ray" spell, but all of the other spells are now present in the game.

What's going on with the Temporis merger?

We have pushed the merger back to May 5. In light of the current situation, and after a series of technical and staff-related issues, it would have been tough to do the merger on time, so we decided to delay it. We're optimistic about the new merger date of May 5!
Having decided to delay the merger, and as a result of some technical problems, we've decided to extend Fleaster Island. Also, one of the players' concerns for this merger had to do with wanted notices, which they were already finding hard to do because of the respawn time. This delay will give you more time to do wanted notices, and the respawn time for the monsters associated with these notices has also been reduced.

Are the Cania bandits included in the reduced respawn times for wanted notices?

Of course!

Should we expect to see wait queues after the merger?

We've calculated things so that we wind up with two servers that are nice and full, but not overflowing with wait queues. We studied peak activity times over several weeks in order to avoid having any.
Still, we can't rule out the possibility that some players will return after the merger, which could potentially lead to short queues.

Aren't the final missions to reach 6,000 Tempokens a bit too tough?

These missions are a bonus, a way to earn additional credits for people who want to be in the top 100 or top 10 on the leaderboard. They may be daunting if they're the only thing you do, but we see these missions as a way to further distinguish between players who have already done everything else.
You're not required to do these missions if you want to get the latest cosmetic rewards. You can obtain them without having to do these missions.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards?

The rewards will be available within a few weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions required to get all the information we need to deliver rewards for each player, this process takes time.

Why are idols the only resource that's not droppable?

For crafters who don't want to base everything on drops, this situation provides a way to bring in kamas beyond a certain level.

Is it normal to have to invest so much effort to get all the rewards on Temporis?

The goal isn't for you to get all the rewards, but rewards that reflect your investment. Unfortunately, rewards are not a right, and in this version of Temporis, everyone can get rewards, but the biggest rewards require an investment and a level of effort that are appropriate for those rewards. Everyone will get rewards, but only some will get rare rewards.

Why are the Dofus dropped on Temporis not exchangeable?

The Dofus used on Temporis are the same ones as on regular servers. Since we haven't created any "new" Dofus, they remain linked in the same way as on regular servers.

Are all the Temporis rewards and ways of acquiring Tempokens already present in-game?

Apart from a few exceptions, like tournament rewards or the final rewards for the top 100 and top 10 players on the leaderboard, all rewards are present in the game. While we're on the subject, we should mention that the top 10 and top 100 players on the leaderboard will get exclusive rewards. The top 100 on the leaderboard will get version 6 of the Griffin as their reward, and the top 10 will receive the same skin in a colorable version!

Will there ever be a permanent Temporis server?

Temporis is a temporary server, a fun server intended for a limited period which also allows us to try out new mechanics and systems. For the time being, there are no plans to create a permanent server with the current model. We would have to set up continuous Support for a server of this type, which is simply not possible.

Will it be possible to sell the Temporis rewards in DOFUS 2 at some point?

Yes, it will be possible after a period of one year.

Are you going to change the required time restrictions before a house can be a guild house?

Nothing is planned for the moment, but we're continuing to think about this.


What's going on with people who are affected by an IP ban?

We are well aware that a number of you are having issues relating to an IP ban. This relates to an anti-bot measure that we have just set up. Bot accounts use VPNs or proxies to connect hundreds of bots, so we've implemented a solution to block the IPs of people who use these proxies and VPNs. Of course, as specified in our terms and conditions, you agree to deactivate all VPNs and proxies in order to play DOFUS. Therefore, it's also essential that you confirm that you're not connecting through a VPN or proxy.
IP blocks have had a significant impact on certain countries, and our teams are investigating, but it's essential to keep in mind that these blocks are not based on geography, but on VPNs and proxies!
If you're sure that you're not using a VPN, proxy or other such elements, you will have to contact the support team to help us detect "false positives". This will help us to refine our actions and settings so that every non-bot player who's not using a VPN or proxy can play under the best possible conditions. In light of the problems caused by bots, we need to work together to find solutions that will protect you from bots while also allowing you to access the game under the best possible conditions. We're continuing to work on this, and we apologize for any inconvenience that may be caused by these measures.

Are there any quests planned in the Dreggon area?

There's nothing planned for the time being.

Will there be a double profession XP event for May 1?

Fairy Lax Day is back! An XP bonus will be available in DOFUS 2 and DOFUS Retro on Friday, May 1, from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. (Paris time). Note that this bonus will not be available on Temporis.

Why don't you set up a system with a "Report" button?

This is a vast topic – and between bot reports and player reports, it's a very complicated one. We recommend that you use the usual methods, like contacting moderators through Ankabox.
Unfortunately, there's no easy solution to this complex subject. We're currently testing a new system in DOFUS Retro; if this system works, we can unlock more things after that.
We know that certain organized groups of players could target other players through this system, which would lead to adverse side effects. Also, it's not merely a matter of adding a button; there's a whole set of variables we'd have to design, check and automate, not to mention the enormous volume of processing work that this would cause later on. It would just flood the system. For the time being, we encourage you to contact the moderators through Ankabox as needed.

Are you planning to make changes to the inventory?

Not for now, but we're working on a few UI projects this year. Even so, Temporis allows us to test several things in the interfaces, like the progress tracking screen (which works really well!), and other things too. So we're keeping certain improvements in mind, but we don't have a specific date or schedule just yet. In conclusion, nothing is planned for the inventory at the moment, but we're working on the overall interface.

Why hasn't the maintenance been finished on the Heroic servers? (Question from 4/28)

We've decided not to reopen these servers in order to correct a bug that was reported to us. Thanks to the people who reported this bug. By the way, if you notice a bug, we encourage you to report it to Support, or possibly in a private message on Twitter, but always in a discrete way to avoid publicizing the bug and prevent the need for rollbacks.

Any new challenges coming soon?

With Temporis, we've had some new ideas, and we're talking about adding new challenges and new rules for fights/triggers that would give us new tools to create different types of fights. So we're thinking about this, but there's nothing scheduled for the moment.

Are you aware of the overlapping music issue?

Yes, we know about this, and we're working to fix the problem!

Why don't you collaborate with community sites like Dofus Book and others?

We do interact with them regularly, but mostly behind the scenes. We don't communicate publicly about it, but we are in regular contact with them and sincerely thank them for their work.


Is there a new date for the DOFUS Retro merger?

No new date has been announced yet. The purpose of this delay is to ensure that this merger goes smoothly, under the best possible conditions. It's important to remember that DOFUS Retro is an earlier version than all of the tools we had previously developed for server mergers, so the process of establishing optimal conditions to complete this merger involves a lot of intricate work.
No one wants a merger where just 25% of the players connect in the first 2 hours and buy all the available items right after the servers open.
We could start a merger now, but there's absolutely no guarantee it would go well.
Also, with the current population on the servers, it's not necessarily in our interest to rush the merger. We can't easily re-merge servers that have already been merged. So it's better to wait for things to go completely back to normal before proceeding with the merger.

We still don't have a date planned, but we're waiting for things to go back to normal a little bit so that we can give you the merger you deserve. When we have more information about the merger date, we'll tell you about it on the site.

What will be changing in update 1.32?

Update 1.32 will include lots of new stuff:
- the ability to re-stat your character through Otomai's quest without needing to do breeding,
- fixes for the arena issues,
- the ability to play spell stacks,
- addition of animations for characters on Dragoturkeys in remastered,
and lots of other good stuff too!
Plus, once VOD is available in the launcher, we'll have a little event for you the way we often like to do at Ankama.

When will there be a Retro heroic server?

There's nothing planned for the time being.

Why don't you fill-up the Retro Shop?

By definition, the content of the game is complete. So with a few minor exceptions, we won't be adding anything new in Retro. The goal is to keep the game the way you like it. We don't want to add any content that could modify the gameplay or the game. We might potentially add pets or certain small things, but nothing that would mess with the spirit of the original game.
The content is complete, but that doesn't mean we want to give you everything all at once (whether in the shop or in-game). The goal of this approach is to add some in-game excitement, and some rotation in the shop to bring more activity to the game.


Why are we continuing to take questions in the chat, and why don't we make a traditional FAQ?

If we didn't take questions directly in the Livestream, there'd be no real point to this format anymore. A recorded video would be sufficient. What's important to us is to take your questions live so that we can answer all your different questions, both the ones from several days ago and newer ones that may arise when the servers reopen, or even during the Livestream in reaction to an earlier answer.

Have you taken any steps to reduce wait times for Support?

We're all still in lockdown here, and the situation isn't easy for our support team! Even so, we're very proud of all of the actions our support team has taken to ensure they're able to meet the enormous current demand, which obviously couldn't have been anticipated before the lockdown.
Support is currently taking various actions to normalize the wait times gradually; for example, they've reduced the number of response channels and built up their teams to focus on the bulk of current demands. Of course, requests are prioritized by type and take different amounts of time to resolve. For the moment, though, wait times are indeed longer, and we apologize for the inconvenience if you're still waiting. We're doing everything we can to manage this complicated situation to the best of our ability.
To ensure the best possible response times, please don't restart your requests – this will only make the wait time longer.

Are you planning to do livestreams every week after the lockdown is lifted?

It takes a lot of time, so no, this won't be possible. However, we may still reach out as we did a few weeks ago during the update, to discuss things with you and to answer your questions.

That's all for now! See you next week!