THE weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Kewl for the first part, followed by Logan & Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, and to answer your questions as well. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!


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On the agenda for this week's Q&A:

Temporis IV:


Is it normal that we're still finding Fleaster eggs in groups of monsters?

The event was deactivated with the maintenance done on May 5, but groups of monsters that were already generated before that may still have Fleaster eggs on them. So go ahead and kill these groups of monsters, and the eggs shouldn't reappear after that.

For wanted notices, are you planning any further reductions in the respawn time?

The respawn time was already reduced by two last week (4/28). We're aware that, as a result of the merger, there will now be more of you doing them at the same time, but that's partly balanced out by the number of players who have already finished with these wanted notices. So, for now, we'll just be watching how this issue evolves, but we won't rule out the possibility of reducing the respawn time a little more if people are having trouble completing the objectives linked to the wanted notices.

What will happen to houses bought on Temporis, chests, and prisms when the Temporis merger takes place?

For any questions about changes resulting from the merger, please read this news item about the modifications:

Will Globally Pre-Sentient Potions be returned when Temporis ends?

Yes, they will be returned.
(Note: For an overview of all the items that will be re-credited to you (or not), click the following link:

Will the cosmetic items from the subscription pack be returned on the official server?

All items that you buy which are not consumed immediately upon use will be returned to your account when Temporis ends. You can then assign them to another character. Anything you rent will not be recovered after Temporis ends.
(Note: For an overview of all the items that will be re-credited to you (or not), click the following link:

Are you going to extend Temporis?

The community is really enjoying this edition of Temporis, so we're pleased to announce that Temporis IV will indeed be extended by two weeks! It will now continue until June 16.

Is it possible to set up a class change system on Temporis?

No, as we've been saying since launch, this isn't something we want to do for the Temporis experience. However, you do have the option to level several characters.

Will XP potions be usable on Jahash?

Yes, when the potions are delivered after Temporis ends, they will be usable on Jahash.

Will the Minowang I dropped be transferred to the classic server?

No, dropped equipment will not be transferred when Temporis ends.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards and XP potions?

The rewards and potions will be available within a few weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions required to get all the information we need to deliver rewards for each player, this process takes time.

If I create two characters on Temporis, will I get two potions?

When Temporis ends, there will only be a single potion based on 100% of the experience gained by both characters. It can therefore only be used on a single character.

Why can't we keep Dofus linked to our account?

Because that's not how Temporis works. Temporis is a limited-time experience where you lose all your items at the end (except for purchased cosmetic items).

What rewards will there be for the people at the top of the Tempoken leaderboard?

The top 100 and top 10 for Tempokens will get specific griffin skins. The top 100 will be rewarded with Grifforis skin 6; in addition to that skin, the top 10 will also receive a colorable version of the same skin! As for the winners of the upcoming PvP tournament, they'll be rewarded with a colorable version of Grifforis skin 5!

Will we be able to use nuggets to buy griffins after Temporis ends?

Certain players were surprised to discover that they could buy certain rewards after Temporis II. We don't think this was really the best decision, and after some discussion on the subject, we've decided that, no, it won't be possible to buy Grifforis using nuggets after Temporis is over.

What are the prerequisites for participating in the Temporis tournament?

We'll refer you to an upcoming news item that will provide more details on this, but the minimum requirement will be that you're at least level 100!

Will players have to use the experience potion by a certain deadline?

No, there's no limit on when you can use it. However, we do restrict the use of these potions when new servers open.

Will there ever be a permanent Temporis server?

Temporis is a temporary server, a fun server intended for a limited period which also allows us to try out new mechanics and systems. For the time being, there are no plans to create a permanent server with the current model. We would have to set up constant support for a server of this type, which is simply not possible.

Any plans to increase the drop rate for "Voodoo Curse"?

No, we intentionally chose to make certain spells hard to get. Voodoo Curse is one of these, and it's one of the last spells that's a bit difficult to obtain. So there won't be any change in the drop rate for this spell.

Can you tell us what the spell pool is for Temporis chests?

No, we've decided not to share this information. We still prefer to have players find this kind of information and share it amongst themselves. But, logically enough, the harder the chests are to obtain, the more powerful the spells inside will be.

Any more information to share about "Dark Ray"?

No, but maybe in livestream #7 next week!

Is there any value in keeping low-level spell scrolls?

No, there's no real reason to keep them. You can always give them away to low-level players, or use them for a bit of crafting :)

Will we get to keep achievements and ornaments after Temporis ends?

No, only experience and purchased cosmetic items are kept.

Any new objectives planned for Temporis?

It's all in there for now, but we won't hesitate to add new stuff if we have time, mainly by way of event achievements.

Why aren't there any objectives in Infinite Dreams?

Infinite Dreams is a very high-level game mode, so we didn't want to include it in the Temporis progression system, for which we prefer to focus on other, more accessible aspects of the game.

Why was "Iop's Wrath" removed from the chests?

The chest was made before spells were added as progression rewards. That's why certain spells were also included in the chest even though they shouldn't have been there, but we fixed this with the April 21 patch.


Any plans for an overhaul of AvA?

Yes, we already announced this in the KrosmoNote. We will be reworking all the social aspects of the game – so, not just AvA, but groups and guilds as well. We'll give you more information as needed.

Any chance of class passives coming to the official servers?

They work well on Temporis, and that's giving us lots of ideas. There's nothing planned for the moment, but it's something that we'd like to integrate… provided that we can find an appropriate balance for the official servers.

Are you planning to add a mannequin to the Haven Bag to display sets and costumes?

No plans for this at the moment, but we have lots of ideas that we'd like to add to the Haven Bag. If things change, we'll keep you posted.

Why not get rid of the ability to sell Dofus in merchant mode?

Because it's been part of the game and its economy for years. We have no plans to get rid of this option.

Are you considering adding padlocks to secure items in the inventory?

Certain team members have spent a lot of time playing Temporis and we've made some lists, and we've generally had a lot of ideas on the inventory. We'll have some changes to share with you on this point.

Why isn't it possible to migrate to Ilyzaelle?

The migration restrictions in place on certain protected servers, like Agrid or Ilyzaelle, are there to protect the economy on those servers.

Are you planning to do anything to stop certain guilds' monopolization of paddocks?

No, we have no plans on this point for the time being. However, we are planning to overhaul the social systems in the near future, including AvA, guilds and groups.

Any plans to rebalance the Sacrier class? It needs to be nerfed!

The Sacrier embodies how difficulty balancing DOFUS can be. Balancing has to be done globally, taking all 18 classes into account, and it's a very complicated job. Our work on a given class has to satisfy the players who prefer that class, but it also needs to satisfy the players of the other classes who interact with that class. Balancing is complex work, but we're working on this point – and we'll continue to work on it until we're satisfied with our changes to the Sacrier class.

Will you be adding a permanent bonus for people who have all six Dofus?

This would make sense in terms of roleplaying and lore, but we won't be doing this because of balancing concerns. However, people with all six Dofus do get additional content in terms of quest dialogues for those who have successfully reunited them.
We would love to add a significant bonus for those who have collected all six Dofus, but if we did that, having all six Dofus would become a prerequisite for PvP or any other very high-level activity. This creates a dilemma between respecting the lore and having a fair and balanced game. So we've decided to offer an advantage in terms of the storytelling for those who have all six Dofus.

Wouldn't it be simpler to separate PvP and PvM for balancing?

No, this isn't possible because it would double the amount of balancing work and leave us with two completely unrelated game modes.
We have some players who only play PvP or only PvM, but most of our players do both PvP and PvM with the same spells. So separating PvP and PvM would basically double the number of spells we have to balance, which would take even longer.

Are you planning to add a system to search for groups?

This is not a priority for us at the moment. It does make sense now, especially on the single-account servers, but it would take a very long time to develop. Therefore, we've decided to prioritize other development directions, which is why we're not planning to do this for now.

Any plans to overhaul the Dopples?

Yes, we're thinking about this. We agree that Dopples aren't much use any more. We haven't set a date yet, but we're thinking about it.

Are you planning to put guild chests on the official servers?

This is a possibility that we're discussing, and we intend to work on it, but it could be extremely powerful under certain conditions, so we're not sure whether we'll implement this. If we decide to add this, the decision will be made when we overhaul the social features.

Is there a big update planned for this summer?

The Pandala revamp may answer this question! You'll learn more about it in the coming weeks!

DOFUS Retro:

Is there a new date for the DOFUS Retro merger?

No new date has been announced yet. The purpose of this delay is to ensure that this merger goes smoothly, under the best possible conditions. It's important to remember that DOFUS Retro is an earlier version than all of the tools we had previously developed for server mergers, so the process of establishing optimal conditions to complete this merger involves a lot of complex work.
No one wants a merger where just 25% of the players connect in the first two hours and buy all the available items right after the servers open.
We could start a merger now, but there's absolutely no guarantee it would go well.
In addition, with the current population on the servers, it's not necessarily in our interest to rush the merger. We can't easily re-merge servers that have already been merged. So it's better to wait for things to go completely back to normal before proceeding with the merger.

We still don't have a date planned, but we're waiting for things to go back to normal a little bit so that we can give you the merger you deserve. When we have more information about the merger date, we'll tell you about it on the site.

Have you considered adding color-change, name-change or sex-change potions to DOFUS Retro?

Yes, we've been hoping for a while now to offer you some services for your characters! They will be coming to Retro soon, and update 1.32 laid the groundwork for this. We haven't set a date yet, but we'll let you know when they're about to become available.

When will we get a single-account server for DOFUS Retro?

There's nothing planned for the time being.


Now that the lockdown's being lifted in France, how will things change for Ankama?

Unfortunately, things won't go right back to normal on May 11. We're recommending that our employees keep working from home as much as possible. A small percentage of our employees may return to our offices, but only as many as can easily comply with all protective measures and safe distancing rules at the office.

Is it just me or are the memory leaks getting worse?

We're continuing to work on memory leaks, and we're pushing optimization fixes on a regular basis. As far as we know, no recent changes should cause an increase in memory leaks. But we're continuing to pay close attention to this issue.

Will the shop for Ankama products be available in the launcher at some point?

It's not a bad idea, but for right now this isn't a priority.

There you go! That's all for now, but we'll see you next week!