With watery eyes and a quavering voice, you and your friends sometimes talk about what you fear the most in the world. No, not the end of mankind as you know it – worse still… the end of Temporis IV: The Rise of the Scrollsayers. But what if we told you the fun was going to last longer than expected?

It'll soon have been a month and a half ago since you started sipping away at this delicious cocktail of spells, served to excess on Temporis. You've gotten inebriated to your heart's content. Perhaps so you'd forget that one day, it might all be over? But not as soon as you thought! Actually, it looks like the god of time either dropped his sandglass, got his hand stuck in the temporal cogs, or literally sent the pendulum spinning. No matter! His clumsiness is your gain, because it means you can spend an extra two weeks immersed in this extraordinary world where spells are cast in all directions in a magnificent display of mayhem!

Two more weeks for you to perfect your spell deck, why not?

That means you've got until June 16 to make the most of Temporis IV!

The kick-off of the Tournament of the Scrollsayers that will mark the end of Temporis will also be postponed, giving you an extra two weeks to prepare! Registrations will start on May 18, and the tournament will run from May 29 until June 13.
In the meantime, the KTA will also be offering additional tournaments.