Our final weekly event has arrived! Djinn and Logan for the first part, followed by Kewl for the question-and-answer portion, are back to share more updates about Temporis IV, DOFUS and DOFUS Retro. Watch the replay!

Forget everything you know. Temporis IV is right on time to set things straight!

A magic wind is blowing over the World of Twelve, and class spells are getting all mixed up in an unstoppable storm! At this very moment, thousands of you are clobbering monsters and collecting new spells to try and build the perfect deck.

Every week, Djinn and Logan take a deep dive into the Temporis servers to see what you've been doing. It's time to see if you've risen to the challenge!

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On the agenda this week for our final Q&A:


Temporis IV:

When will Temporis end?

On June 16.

Got any more details about Grifforis?

Originally, you were only supposed to receive the last skin that you had unlocked, but after listening to you, we announced that you would be able to choose between the different skins. So we're going to give you as many ceremonial items as the number of skins you unlocked.
In short, there's no griffin, there are ceremonial items that you can use on existing petsmounts. There are as many ceremonial items as the number of skins that were unlocked.




Have you got a date to give us for the Pandala beta?

Not just yet! We'll have information on this soon, to give you an initial introduction to this beta.  The trailer is almost ready too!

Do you have any plans for the fight against Slobberpuss in the Eliocalypse quests?

We've already made an adjustment to this fight. We're aware of the potential problems and we're watching this closely. We'll keep monitoring this and make changes if necessary.

Are there plans to nerf the Corruption cloak?

Not for the moment. We'll continue to keep an eye on this, and we'll take action if we find it to be necessary.

Any plans for a new class?

No, not for the time being.


There are some problems with how the Mangrove spell works for the Sadida class. Do you plan to fix it?

The bug is with how the spell works, not with the spell itself.
We would have liked to get this fixed sooner, but we're still looking for a satisfactory solution.

What's your position on data mining/content leaks?

We don't have a strong position on data mining; that's just how the Internet just works now. But knowing that we ask our artists not to reveal any content before we officially reveal it to everyone, it certainly doesn't seem very nice. Having new content introduced by other people clearly means that the artist who did the work isn't able to enjoy the reward of getting direct feedback from players. There's also the risk of spoilers: certain players don't want to accidently stumble onto new plot elements on the Web. So all in all, it's not cool, if you ask us. Certain information should also be taken with a grain of salt, since it only represents one part of the truth.
So, we feel that data mining and leaks are not fair for the people who worked on the leaked content, and not very thoughtful toward people who want to avoid spoilers. That's our position.
We're working on protection for some of our data to avoid having them wind up on the Internet. Certain information should also be taken with a grain of salt, since it only represents one part of the truth.

Are you planning any fixes for Tal Kasha? Any changes for Dreams 400+?

We're not planning any new overhaul of the Dreams at the moment. We have plenty of tickets about bosses and their modifiers. We have a huge number of things to modify before we can think about making any global changes to Dreams. Again, in light of the fact that we have more players in the Dreams since the last modification, we have to make certain choices. It's very difficult to invest time for a very limited population; our goal is always to satisfy the maximum number of players.

Any new ornaments for exploration?

No, this isn't in our plans for the moment.

Will changes be made to the Cania bandits quest?

Changes were made two months ago to make this quest easier, but given that this quest is required to obtain a Primordial Dofus, we think it's important for the quest to not be too easy. In the lore, Primordial Dofus are the most powerful objects that exist. Therefore, quests relating to these objects shouldn't be a walk in the park.

How long after the Temporis servers close will we get our rewards and XP potions?

The rewards and potions will be available in the weeks after Temporis ends. We try to deliver the rewards quickly, but given the number of people involved and the actions required to get all the information we need for each player, this process takes time.

Will profession experience be transferable to classic servers?

No, only your characters' experience and cosmetic rewards, as we've been saying all along.

Attire for premium members?

No, we don't have any plans for this at the moment.

Will treasure hunts be getting an overhaul?

Nothing is planned for this at the moment.

Any news on multi-account management in the launcher?

We're working on this, specifically so it can work with Retro. Our teams are focused on integrating video.

Any changes planned for the star system?

Nothing is currently planned.

How can we help fight against bots?

By not buying kamas that come from their fraudulent and illegal sites. Bots are used to exploit resources that they sell to players to generate kamas, which they then sell for real money on illegal kama-selling websites. If you buy these kamas, you are helping to support these criminal organizations.

Will Vulkania content be added this summer? A new ornament?

No, we're focusing our efforts on Pandala!

Are you going to reduce the respawn time for the Archmonsters in the Ochre quest?

No, that's not on the agenda.

Are there any changes on the way for class skins?

We're not planning anything for the moment.

Is there a solution for naming mounts in paddocks?

Not in the immediate future. We'd prefer to deal with all the problems relating to paddocks at the same time.

Why couldn't we use our characters for the last beta?

Normally in our betas, we do an internal merge of all the game servers onto the beta server, and we only take the characters who were connected for a certain period of time. The idea is to be able to test things out. On this last beta, we went with a different method to make things faster, because merging all the servers is extremely time-consuming. So we thought, why not try out a new approach? The beta server isn't a game server. So we decided to give you the ability to generate and give access to equipment, which is more convenient for testing and saves us some time.

Are you satisfied with the ranking system in the Kolossium?

The Kolossium leaderboards were modified again in the last update, but it's a matter of choice. We'd like to make more changes – we need to come back to this again.

Will the in-game music be available outside of the game at some point?

Yes, we've got some plans on this front. We don't want to advertise for music services, but it's possible that the OST will be available on certain music services.

DOFUS Retro:

Why are you neglecting DOFUS Retro so much?

We're not neglecting DOFUS Retro, but the lockdown period has forced us to make certain choices. Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to get things done under optimal conditions.
This was the case for the merger which was postponed, and we know this is an important issue for you. Logan has responded to a number of questions about this on the Forum.
We're currently doing tests so that we can reschedule a merger in the near future. Once we get good results from these tests, the merger can follow pretty quickly.

As a reminder, we're still planning on a merger that will take us to three servers, even though the list of servers that will be merged together hasn't yet been finalized.

Why didn't you start the server merger after the tests you did three months ago?


Three months have passed since our first tests, so we have to do more tests to make sure everything is working properly. We haven't run any tests recently because of the exceptional lockdown situation we're currently going through. If we had started a merger under the current conditions, there might possibly have been technical problems, and there's no point in merging the servers if it winds up with only 30% of you being able to connect and the rest being left behind. We need to do things properly, and we need the rest of the team to be available in a normal working situation. So we protected your interests by not getting into a botched merger that would have caused more frustration than anything else.

How will the sale of the Lakeside Palace work after the merger?

It will be linked to the event that we've already alluded to several times, but we won't reveal the content of the event because that would give an advantage to players who want to prepare in advance.

Will there be a single-account server in Retro?

We've been planning for a single-account server in Retro for several months now, but we decided not to reveal its existence as part of our communications strategy – among other reasons, to avoid creating conflict within the community and to avoid undermining players' motivation and commitment for the multi-account server. Also, giving out this information will lead to a flood of questions about the date when the server will be ready, which we aren't able to answer. So we don't have a date to share with you at the moment, but it will be well after the server merger.

What's the makeup of your teams, or what are people's different roles, particularly for Retro?

We no longer share information about staff movements or organization. Our communications are focused on projects. The roles of different teams aren't a matter for players to worry about. Your interest is in the projects themselves.

Thanks to all of you for being with us for these 10 livestreams! We'll see you in future livestreams for special events! See you very soon on!