Head, shoulders, knees, and toes: From time immemorial, adventurers have always loved setting themselves apart from each other by covering every inch of their bodies with distinctive clothes and accessories. Today, we're giving you the chance to make your splendid shoulders look truly awesome with a Shoulder Pad Blind Box!

The little details are sometimes more important than they seem. A sprig of parsley clenched between your teeth, and your date's fate is sealed. A sprinkling of salt too much, and your Gobball burgers become inedible. In the world of fashion too, the smallest accessory can create a magnificent twist for a seemingly ordinary outfit.

What if you put the perfect finishing touch to your look? The one that goes "bam!", "pow!", "ooof!", and sometimes even "wizz"! The one that will draw everyone's gaze to you when walking down the street. The one that makes people both jealous and admiring…

Your shoulders aren't there just to carry the heavy burden that an adventurer's life can sometimes be. No! They're also there to give you an opportunity to show off your stunning shoulder pads!

Are you familiar with Mystery Boxes? The principle of this Shoulder Pad Blind Box is the same: Open it up and get a random pair of shoulder pads from among the ones it contains. Specifically:

Common (94%):

  • Scarlet Spaulders (18.8%)
  • Ashy Shoulder Pads (18.8%)
  • Shoulder Claws (18.8%)
  • Epwowlettes (18.8%)
  • Bony Pads (18.8%)

Rare (5%):

  • Warrior's Burden (colorable!)

 Jackpot (1%): all shoulder pads!

The Shoulder Pad Blind Box is available in the online store until June 24 for €0.99 (1 000 Ogrines) each, €4.99 (5,000 Ogrines) for six, and €9.99 (10,000 Ogrines) for thirteen.