Seven. It's the number of episodes we're now committed to producing for this fourth season of adventures… all thanks to you! The fifth Kickstarter milestone has been reached – so let's keep the momentum going!

It seems we're not the only ones who want to see Percedal, Evangelyne, Yugo, Amalia and Ruel jump back into action. Not to mention the "new kids" who represent the next generation of adventurers – the children of the Sadlygrove clan! Speaking of which… Did you know that a set based on one of them, usable in both DOFUS and WAKFU, is one of the rewards for this Kickstarter campaign?


Flopin! He's Elely's twin and a proud older brother to the new baby in the family, and he's the spitting image of his mom: calm and collected, but also incredibly brave! This young Cra has never hesitated to overcome his fears, even when it meant taking on Toxine with Evangelyne's help. With this set, you too can accomplish great things!

You can also continue to follow the campaign's progress here:

Another huge thank you for your help in making this new project a reality! We encourage you to share your passion for the WAKFU animated series with your friends and acquaintances: the more contributions we get, the more episodes there will be!

Last but not least, watch out, new surprises will be there soon!