Founded by a brotherhood of bards orchestrated by Veronika Gobbstock, the Gobbstock Festival is for those who like to belt out tunes in the shower every morning, as much as it's for renowned musicians. This in-game event starts tomorrow and goes until Tuesday, July 7!

Sometimes the Krosmic calendar just works out. Your Temporis experience may be ending, but with the arrival of Gobbstock, you can quickly move on. It's a clever way to keep you from succumbing to sadness, but also to get you dancing to the latest hit singles from the greatest troubadours in the World of Twelve!

From Tuesday, June 16 to Tuesday, July 7, you'll get to shriek along to songs by the famous bwork'n'roll group AB/CD. But be careful, or you'll end up like the singer… Tragically, he's lost his voice!

Are you prepared to come to his aid and save the concert that he and the rest of the band are supposed to put on?

All you'll have to do is collect Desi & Belle's honey. Team up with other players and bring back pollenectar from a hive located next to the stage ([4,6] on the map, near the Gobball Corner zaap). This rare resource, which only appears as the summer approaches, can be collected from the creatures of the World of Twelve outside of dimensions, underwater and indoor zones. Just keep in mind: You'll only be able to collect this resource from monsters of your level group.

Once the necessary amount of pollenectar has been collected, you and all the Twelvians present will have the pleasure of attending the AB/CD concert! Then all you'll need to do is go get your reward from the merchants who'll be flocking in droves, drawn to the sweet sound of Brayar Jonsonne's voice, in exchange for festokens acquired at the hive.

Emotes, auras, titles, and many other gifts await! But most of all… the satisfaction of having saved the Gobbstock Festival! And that's priceless…

Celebrate Gobbstock with an Emote Pack

There's also an emote pack in the shop for you to properly celebrate Gobbstock. Once you've got Play the Trumpet*, Beat a Drum*, Sing*, Big Wave**, and Jus' Dance**, you'll be more than ready to get down!

Take advantage of a 50% discount on this pack, now on sale for €11 or 11,250 OG instead of €22.50 or 22,500 OG. The Play the Trumpet, Beat a Drum, and Sing emotes can also be purchased individually, costing €4.50 or 4,500 OG each.

The pack and the emotes will available from the shop throughout the entire event!

* These emote scrolls are linked to the account for two months.
** These emote scrolls are linked to the account for one year.