A new update = a new Livestream! We'll soon answer (almost) all your questions about the future beta for this major revamp of the mythical, mystical island in the World of Twelve. On Monday, June 15, there'll be a special DOFUS Ankama Live all about Pandala. Don't miss it!

It's hazy… Unclear… Kind of like a Pandawa's vision the day after Saint Potrick. But there's no doubt about it. Any Twelvian who's stopped there has felt it. Something strange is happening in Pandala Island… And whatever is going on, "it" is waking up. Tormented, "it" emerges from its slumber…

The next DOFUS update, entitled "Pandala Awakens", invites you to truly get back to basics and to nature… And WE invite you to a special Livestream devoted to the beta, on Monday, June 15, from 4 to 6 p.m. CEST on our Twitch  

Logan and Crocus will do their best to answer your questions about the spectacular revamp that's in store for you!

You won't be able to catch this DOFUS Ankama Live? Don't worry! As before, there will be a replay of this episode available on our Twitch channel.