You've astounded us. You've challenged us. And… we've listened to you! Your rock-solid support and unstoppable enthusiasm have pushed us to go even further in creating this 4th season of WAKFU. You've left us no choice!

In just a few days, you've proved that you're ready to leave all limits behind. That's why we've decided to follow your lead and raise the bar even higher.

So here are the two new stretch goals that we've added to the existing ones:

  • 1 250 000 = Special episode about Oropo
  • 1 400 000 = Secret episode


Thanks to you, the adventure will continue. The only question is… How far?

The campaign continues here:

You may have missed it, but if you're eagerly following the Kickstarter campaign for WAKFU Season 4, you'll be happy to learn that Tot gave an interview about it in the last Ankama (Not) Live. So all you hardcore fans out there have got some catching up to do!

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