On Tuesday, June 16th, we will merge 9 of the 11 DOFUS Retro servers, a way for us to make your game experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Find out everything about this merger right here.

Eratz and Henual, historic servers if ever there were any, have seen newbies joining their ranks to continue the DOFUS Retro adventure. Eratz the bandit continues to assert his autonomy, while the Xelor Henual similarly thinks he has other snappers to fry – and certainly doesn't have time to pal around with Nabur, Arty, and company. But as for the 9 new servers that went online when DOFUS Retro came out, it's a different story.

Contrary to what was announced a while back, it is not 3 but 2 servers that will welcome you from next Tuesday. Once that happens, a total of 4 servers will give you access to paddocks and houses, and thus to breeding: the two new servers, Eratz, and Henual. These two new servers will allow you to access houses, merchant modes as well as paddocks that will allow you to start breeding mounts.

The merger will take place on Tuesday, June 16, during the weekly maintenance.


Crail: Arty's protector

Galgarion: Captain of the Bontarian Guard
Here's what will change as soon as the two new servers open their doors:
  • Merchant mode and breeding will be active.
  • Houses linked to the Lake Palace event will not be up for sale. 
  • Each player will receive one name change potion per character, directly in the character's inventory.
  • Additionally, guild leaders will receive (also in their inventory) a guild renaming potion.
  • The quest "Another Means of Transport" will be reset to normal, and the step requiring the capture of two wild dragoturkeys will be reinstated. 

Additional Information


Character Names

  • If a name conflict occurs, no priority will be given. All players will have a server tag at the end of their name.
  • All players will receive their own name change potion (linked to the character for life).

Guild Names

  • A server tag will appear at the end of the guild name (as with characters).
  • Each guild leader will receive a free guild renaming potion (linked to the character for life).


  • Houses (excluding the Lakeside Palaces and any houses linked to the Lake Palace event) will be available for purchase.


  • Paddocks will be available for purchase.


  • Perceptors will not be preserved.
  • Their content will not be transferred to their owner's bank, so players should collect their perceptors before the merger.

Alignment Prisms

  • These prisms will be deleted.
  • All areas will become neutral by default.


  • Items for sale in Marketplaces will be removed and placed in the bank.
  • The sale fee will not be refunded.

Merchant Modes

  • Merchant modes will be enabled after the merger.

Public Inventories

  • The contents of public inventories (bins) will be deleted.


  • If an account has characters on servers A and B, and these servers are going to be merged, their banks on servers A and B will be pooled together.


  • Stars will be removed from monsters.
  • The status of monster respawns will not be preserved (full reset).


  • Stars will be removed from resources.
  • The status of resource respawns will not be preserved (full reset).