The days go by, your enthusiasm is going strong, and our little hearts swell with so much emotion that we're floating on air, as the progress bar for our Kickstarter fills up as well… See, it's even turned us into poets! To celebrate the lovely turn our crowdfunding campaign has taken, this time we're offering an unlimited Bunch of Keys recharges this weekend!

The WAKFU Season 4 Kickstarter adventure rolls on, and we continue to be blown away by your drive to see the Brotherhood of the Tofu return to the spotlight! There will be little in-game surprises throughout this campaign, and you've already enjoyed a bonus XP weekend and several Dungeon Rushers!

Now we're going to fuel your overwhelming excitement for dungeons filled with all kinds of traps and monsters! Friday, June 19 4 p.m. CEST through Monday, June 22 9 a.m. CEST, you'll be able to run any dungeon*, as many times as you want: your bunch of keys will be refreshed throughout the event, even if you already used it earlier in the week. During this same weekend, the special Kickstarter Dungeon Rusher will be in full swing. It's the perfect opportunity to expand your ceremonial shield collection (while getting your fill of dungeons).

This is a way for us to express our heartfelt gratitude. As the Kickstarter campaign continues, you can expect more in-game events. That's another great reason to participate and to share your passion for the WAKFU animated series with your friends and acquaintances. The more backers we have, the more episodes we can make and the more surprises you'll discover in-game!

You can also continue to follow the campaign's progress here:


Update 19/06/2020

Sorry for the faulty start of the unlimited bunch of keys recharges event, everyone. ^^
To reset your BoK, talk to Goultard at the Amakna Castle Zaap [3,-5]. And guess what: for divine dimension dungeons, you just need to talk to the dungeon NPC and they will let you in, even without a key! Ain't it great?