The "Pandala Awakens" update is coming soon! In the meantime, why not test out its content on the Beta?

The Beta server will be updated on Thursday, June 25, so you can test out upcoming new content. Are you ready to discover the new Pandala?

An in-depth changelog will be available in French in a few days time; the English translation will be available a few days later.

Starting with this beta, we will change the bug reporting process which includes rewarding players for bug hunting! When the beta will start, a new section named "[2.56] Pandala Awakens: Confirmed bugs" will be added on the forum. 

A news process? What does that mean for me?

For you, the process won't change much, really:

  1. You will continue to report your bugs in the usual forum section.
  2. Once the bug is confirmed and validated by the DOFUS team, we will move the topic to the new forum section and reply to it.
  3. You will NOT be able to create a topic directly on the new section, you will be able to reply and comment on the existing ones with additional information that could assist in the bug resolution process. 

It'll make sense once we finish setting up!

Have fun on the Beta server, everyone!