You've been waiting impatiently for it, scratching relentlessly at the door and letting out your tension on the nearest piece of furniture. Good news: meow it's finally here! The Ecaflip class pack is available from today through Wednesday, November 18. That's enough to get you purring, right?

Every Ecaflip will react to this pack in their own way. Some will be so stunned, they start yowling at the top of their lungs. Others may find the hairs on their back standing up from excitement. And there are sure to be a few cool cats who just keep casually licking their paws as if nothing had happened…

Whichever group you're part of, you have to admit that this pack is the cat's pajamas. As usual, it's available in different formats:

You can also get the Ecaflip set on its own for €8 or 8,000 OG, and the three harnesses for €7 or 7,000 OG each.

For this occasion, all the class packs that have been released until now, are once again available in the store! Take advantage of this chance (of Ecaflip)!

Don't miss out!

Get it meow!