Don't forget to set an alarm tomorrow! If you sleep in, the Pandala adventure won't wait for you… The new update promised you mountains and marvels, and you're about to see that it's kept its word. Get ready to experience one of the oldest areas in the World of Twelve in a whole new light…

In recent times, the World of Twelve's most iconic and mythical island has been experiencing a number of strange phenomena. Those who have explored the area agree: There's some kind of presence here, something imperceptible… but as intangible as it may be, there's no doubt that it's very real. The native population knows exactly what it is. The oldest and wisest among them have avoided saying too much about the subject, preferring to let more courageous souls witness their awakening for themselves…

It's time for you to see with your own eyes what's brewing on Pandala Island! The new DOFUS update is about to reveal its most deeply-buried secrets.


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Are you ready? They certainly are – more ready than ever! Join us tomorrow as Pandala Awakens!