Some of you have already noticed that in the Ankama Launcher, you can now add and log in with multiple accounts. We're here to explain why.

This feature, which has been in the BETA version of the Ankama Launcher for a few weeks now, lets you log in with multiple accounts belonging to the same player from the "main" account.

Some players are happy with this new feature while others are not, so we're going to explain our position as to why we added it.

Adapting to How Players Use the Game Without Betraying Its Spirit

It's an extremely difficult balance to achieve since the way players play has changed so much over the years. We fought against multi-accounting for a long time, and only a few years ago, it was even sanctioned across all servers.

What posed a problem for us during this time was letting single-account and multi-account players coexist in the same space, because each player's experiences were very different depending on whether they were in one category or the other. Whether it was access to resources, crafting certain items, or other things, players experienced unfair competition in a limited economic space, so at the time, multi-accounting had to be sanctioned.

DOFUS is a game that is more difficult to grasp than most games released nowadays, and we intend to stay on this path.

What Changed?

Especially since the single-account servers appeared, we've been able to see other solutions. We won't deny the fact that single-account players still play on classic servers, but giving them the opportunity to access other servers, where the impact multi-account players have is insignificant, now lets us come to terms with the fact that multi-accounting is widespread among our players. It will also provide an economic space that players can deviate from if they want to.

Obviously, the fact that it's impossible to transfer a character from a classic server to a single-account server is still an obstacle for many players, who must create a new character from square one, but this is a choice that we stand by wholeheartedly. The fact that the single-account servers are currently among the most popular would seem to confirm our decision.

What About Retro?

Right now, there aren't yet any single-account servers for DOFUS Retro. However, we already announced that we were working on this and that a single-account Retro server would be launched in 2020.

We're Facing the Facts

We don't want more players to choose multi-accounting. Even though this would lead to extra subscriptions, this isn't what the creators of DOFUS had in mind when they developed it. Multi-accounting is something players have embraced because in practice, it provides for greater in-game versatility, but in no way has it been encouraged.

We're adding this feature now in order to make logging in smoother when you want to play using multiple accounts, not to encourage it. DOFUS is still an MMO in which you typically only control one character at a time.

So What Next?

We regularly see players asking for a Hero system like what exists over on WAKFU. Although there is a greater possibility that such a feature could be added to the game than before, we will not make the exact same decisions that we made for WAKFU. If we want to add this feature someday, it would be adapted to the DOFUS gaming experience.

A new iteration of this feature is currently being developed, and we'll have the chance to tell you about it very soon.