Season 4 of KTA has already got 6 months of tournaments under its belt… but this year packed with PvP is still far from over!

Thousands of participants


Since the start of season 4, four major tournaments have been held. In total, the organizers have counted over 700 teams played by 2400 different players. Thousands of spectators follow each tournament live on Twitch, or through YouTube rebroadcasts later on. In other words, there are a whole lot of you out there who love competitive PvP in DOFUS, and we thank you for your interest!


One last set of league tournaments

Back in March, we announced the launched of KTA's flagship system, the level leagues. One final set of these tournaments will be held in August, and it's open to all of you!

  • Gold League: this elite league is reserved for the top 8 teams in the game by qualification. You can follow all of their spectacular matches on Twitch and YouTube!
  • Silver League: KTA's intermediate league, with access by qualification for teams hoping to make their way up to the Gold League.
  • Bronze League: if you're a newcomer to KTA, the Bronze League is for you! Open to all, with no limit on the number of spots. Come and prove your worth in tournaments!

The tournaments will be held from August 19 through September 13. Registration is already open, so don't wait a second longer!


KTA registration tutorial: click here.


In Season 4 of KTA, Inglorium takes the place of the DOFUS Cup: one big tournament for everyone that brings together all PvP lovers, from the greatest of champions to the newest of newcomers. The prizes for this event will be as glorious as you'd expect: the top teams will share €3000 in cash prizes, and the 4 semi-finalists will qualify for the KT Finals!

Inglorium will take place in October, and registration will open sometime in September. So it's time to start getting ready now!

The KT Finals

The KT Finals are traditionally the closing event of each KTA season. The best 16 teams of the season qualify for this prestigious tournament, and they'll fight hard to make it as far as they can. Awaiting them at the end of their journey? Glory, of course… but just as importantly, lots of unique prizes!

  • A cash prize of at least €5000
  • A legendary Champion Set for the winners
  • An exclusive title for the winners
The competition will take place in November, and will be broadcast in its entirety from Ankama studios. We'll be pulling out all the stops to put on a truly spectacular show!

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