Tomorrow on Ankama Live, we'll be talking about DOFUS Retro and what's coming. Don't miss it!

On the agenda for this upcoming Ankama Live, we'll be discussing in-game events, a single-account server, and lots of other surprises on Retro! Logan, Dusk, and Nazkan will answer as many of your questions as possible for 1 hour. Exceptionally, Humility will join us to participate in the stream!

See you tomorrow, Thursday, August 6th at 4:00 pm on our Ankama Live Twitch channel

While the stream will be entirely in French, we will provide you with a translated summary of the information shared by the end of the week. 



In-game events

The return of Grozilla and Grasmera

G&G were last in-game back in 2009. While the event won't work as before, we were able to fix it and will be bringing it back this month of August. A news will be published tomorrow, August 7, with all the information.

In short:
  • Arrival of two emblematic bosses for a tough combat linked to server ranking.
  • Contest between the 4 DOFUS Retro servers.
  • Based on the number of defeated Sauroshells, taking into account the server’s population. The server that will kill the most amount of sauroshells will face GG first, the server with the second highest number of defeated sauroshells will get to face GG a few days later, and so on. All will be available for at least 2 weeks.
  • The Grozillamulet unlocking the title « Sauroshell Smasher » for those fighting Sauroshells on the server.
  • The Scale Shield unlocking the title « Terror of the Peninsula» for those who manage to defeat Grozilla and Grasmera. 
  • The sauroshell phase will start next week!

Other upcoming events

  • We wish to continue organising events on Retro in the months to come.
  • The tool created for the Lakeside Palace event worked well, so we intend to use it again.
  • We would like to reserve a spot for the Mini-Wakfu*.
  • Set up of Community events, such as DOFUS Retro’s very own skin contest coming up!
  • We haven’t forgotten about the PvPers, and there are discussions taking place regarding Retro-specific tournaments.

* Mini-Wakfu was a cartoon series where each episode contained content related to DOFUS (secret recipes, crafts, specific monsters, items, etc).

1.33 Update - September 2020

  • Part of our current Retro planner, based on the integration of community requests.
  • Focused on ergonomics and interfaces, to ongoingly bring more comfort to the game.
  • Client/server bug fixes.
  • Graphic improvements.
  • While you wait for the changelog, we’ll give you some example below!
Movable shortcut bar
New movable shortcut bar
Integration of right-click menu
You can navigate all merchants of a map from the same interface, just like in DOFUS 2.
Elemental damage text colour
Fight duration stats
Starting spots - map preview
Time is money - bank transfer
Time is money - merchant mode transfer

Graphic improvements


You might remember a recent devblog that showed many graphic improvements brought forward on Retro, but that is not the end of such improvements to the game. There are many in-game items that use the same graphics and we want to be able to offer minor tweaks to facilitate the differentiation between different items or resources, for easier and simpler readability.

For spell scrolls, we had a few brainstorm sessions to determine how we could improve their in-game images. Over time, we were able to find a way to not only simplify them, but also to harmonize them. 

Some of improvements came as a result of community feedback, such as for the smithmagic runes and start of combat. This last one could be an extremely frustrating situation for many players, as it was sometimes difficult to join a fight if the sword was blocked by another player. Now players will only need to click on the circle part of the fight sprite in order to join.

Some visual examples of improvements to come with the 1.33 update

Bug Fixes

  • Significant improvements to the multi-account performance when using the 64-bit client.
  • Game windows are no longer grouped together in the 64-bit taskbar, so you no longer need to use third-party software to ungroup them.
  • Fixed preview of the spell “Sword of Fate”.
  • The refresh of the average price after a search for an item in a marketplace has been corrected.
  • Triggering several repelling traps in a row will no longer freeze the character on an incorrect cell until the end of his turn.
  • Using a pushback spell that triggers a repelling trap in pushback path will no longer freeze the targeted character until the end of his turn.
  • A patch has been developed to prevent the generation of bugged (non-targetable) tiles after using a pushback spell on a monster or another player. This patch also prevents a Pandawa from freezing after a pushback spell when carrying another player.
  • The use of a right-click in 64-bit will no longer cause the client to freeze randomly on all game windows.

Retro Mono-account server

Key dates for the DOFUS Retro mono-account server(s)
  • Response to the community's request for the implementation of a mono-account server.
  • Restrictions are similar to DOFUS 2 mono-account servers.
  • The DOFUS Retro experience will not be modified, the rules of the game will be the same, we will follow the progress of the players and will intervene only if necessary.
  • Pre-registration system coming soon, with gifts!
  • A slot of “mono-account" characters will be created on the servers.
  • We wish to support both the community and competitive aspects of the “rush” server!



  • We do not know how many of you are actually interested, so we need your help to guide us in the preparation for a future mono-account server(s).
  • Depending on the interest towards the mono-account setup, we'll have to make some technical decisions.
  • You will be able to reserve your name, class, and server of your choice to play with your friends.
  • You will be given a colour-change potion will be credited for any pre-registered character.
  • And, of course, there will be a gift for pre-registering.


Primordial shields

The return of primordial shields
To fuel the race, we're going to put the shields back on for the players who are the server’s pioneers in terms of professions. We are currently exploring solutions to track professions' progress through a public ladder. Also, these shields have undergone a slight facelift for the occasion, and they are now unique for each profession.
(We are also going to set up an experience-based ladder for the race to level 200, for that matter...)

1.34 Update

Following some dust and archaeology, we offer you the chance to finally bring the adventure of the primordial Dofus to its end, with the integration of the Ivory and Ebony Dofus, which means:
  • Two unfinished dungeons, hidden in the game's files for over a decade, could bring new challenges to the Retro adventure.
  • These dungeons are unique, were designed with the Game Design style and concepts of back then and do not exist on DOFUS 2.
  • We propose that these two new dungeon bosses become the guardians of these two Dofus. However, in order not to betray our original promise, we want to consult the community on whether or not to integrate this "new yet old" content. Do let us know what you think about it!

Our idea is to link the two DOFUS (Ivory and Ebony) to the two dungeon bosses we found:
Ilyzaelle’s Lookout
Ku’tan’s Sanctuary

Even if we are still thinking about the content of this update, here are already some ideas that are planned or under discussion (unconfirmed):

  • Improvements in usability, interfaces, and game comfort.
  • More and more bug fixes.
  • Although we cannot respond to every suggestion, we are happy to consider them and appreciate incorporating community requests in our updates.
  • Implementation of an auto-connect feature via the Ankama Launcher.


  • We are currently under development the mimisymbic system on DOFUS Retro, like the one in DOFUS 2.
  • Kralove hasnºt been forgotten but we'll have to wait and review the situation before some changes are to be brought forward. 
  • Because the existing structure is very restrictive, there are no plans to offer a Temporis experience on DOFUS Retro.
  • There are no plans to merge the Bonta and Brakmar marketplaces.