In recent weeks, Twelvians have been flocking to the new and improved Pandala. But be careful! No one should venture to the World of Twelve's most mythical island completely unprepared… That's why Charlie's Agents are back in action to give you a guided tour of the different areas of the island. We'll start with Pandala Village!

An island shrouded in mystery… Shivers run down your spine with every step. Maybe it's just the incredible beauty of this place… or the undeniable "presence" that everyone who comes here can sense. What's happening here? Or rather… what happened?

The adventurers of the World of Twelve who have visited Pandala Island recently have found it completely transformed. Even old hands will have to get to know it all over again. To start over from the beginning, a bit like a first date…

Summer has returned, and your taste for travel is right back along with it. And now you're finally ready and determined to dive into your Pandalan adventure! Whoa there! Just one second, my little Moskito! Let's not put the cart before the Gobball… Charlie Endstown-Smisse, head of Charlie's Agents, wants to give you the grand tour first. And he's decided to start with Pandala Village!

It's hard to believe… But it's true! Before it became the charming and traditionally beautiful hamlet that we know today, Pandala Village was little more than a heap of dusty ruins. It was only by the sweat of their brow, the blood of their callused hands, and a few bottles of a certain tasty beverage that the island's native inhabitants were able to give their village a second life. And they did a great job, wouldn't you agree? Their goal was to make it a peaceful haven for all who came here. The warm reception they gave to foreign visitors like the Lenalds is another excellent example of their desire to live in harmony.

An admirable ambition, but a difficult one to achieve…

The Pandassembly, consisting of Grandapan (the Pandawas' spiritual guide), Daimya Hikomi, the clan chiefs, wise elders, priests and Pandawa dignitaries, meets in a lavish Bamboo Palace. Its role is to settle internal and external conflicts. For as peaceful and splendid as its landscapes may be, Pandala Village (and Pandala Island in general) are not immune to quarrels and disputes of all sorts.

"Forbidden Inn". Two words that seem completely out of place here in Pandalan lands! In fact, the "inn" is actually a sacred temple that only a privileged few are allowed to enter. Other "taprooms", which may be less prestigious but are at least sure to let you in, gladly open their doors to visitors. Popular spots include the Ferminted Inn, the Pandazaap Inn, and the Stubbyob Inn. So if there's one thing you don't have to worry about here, it's dying of thirst!

By the time you leave Pandala Village, you may have picked up a few new skills and gained confidence in your close combat abilities. The Pandawushu Master, known for his great wisdom, will be more than happy to give you lessons in an ancient martial art native to Pandala, right in the village dojo. Provided that you prove yourself worthy, of course!

Culture and fine dining are also on the menu here! Dick Kerboo Brandtawa will welcome you to his library, home to some of the most ancient books in the whole World of Twelve! Once you've read your fill, head over to the shop run by master chocolatier Stayfun Bonnawa to sample his famous Pistachio Chocobwak and the most mouthwatering pralines you've ever tasted!

Before leaving the village to explore Pandala's countless other treasures, stop in at the Artificers' Workshop where traditional Panduckler shields are made. And if you can manage to draw her out of her lair, you can even get an autograph from the famously intense singer Pandalida. Rumor has it that the winner of Amakna's Got Talent has come to live here in the village. Or you could just let the diva sing on her own all summer. Honestly, that couldn't hurt.

And with that, our brief tour of Pandala Village has come to an end! Join us again next week for a look at Aerdala. New drawings and original sketches will be revealed!

Until then, enjoy your visit to Pandalan lands – and when it comes to bamboo milk, remember to drink responsibly…