In recent weeks, Twelvians have been flocking to the new and improved Pandala. But be careful! No one should venture to the World of Twelve's most mythical island completely unprepared. That's why Charlie's Agents are here to give you a guided tour of the 6 different areas of the island. After Pandala Village, it's time to check out Aerdala!

Like any self-respecting adventurer, you probably think you can explore Pandala Island with no trouble as long as you've got one fresh pair of undies and a knife. Tsk… so naive. Fortunately, Charlie's Agents are here to look out for you, always ready to keep young hotheads like you informed and protected! This week, Charlie Endstown-Smisse is here to show you around a real high point of the World of Twelve's most picturesque island: Aerdala. Prepare to be blown away!

No matter what happens, the folks who live in Aerdala can always breathe easy. Up here, the air that fills your lungs is unbelievably pure. It gives you such a powerful sense of well-being and lightness that you almost feel like you're floating. Hey… Whoa there! Watch it! Get down from there, you're liable to hurt yourself! That's it… Much better.

Obviously, Aerdala is the perfect place for meditation… probably thanks to the Wind Spirit. Calm and serene, he extols the virtues of freedom and self-improvement, and encourages everyone to look inward to draw on the best of their inner selves. But for most folks who have tried to meet with him, he always seems to be gone with the wind! A genuine hermit at heart, the Wind Spirit avoids contact with the residents of Aerdala as much as humanly (or spiritually) possible. So what's the reason for this mistrust towards his countrymen? The conflicts that divide the Kozaru and the Pandawas – and Twelvians' core nature more generally, with their tendency to easily give in to violence and hate.

It's in these carefully preserved heights that the Kozaru make their home. The people here have chosen to live in seclusion, focusing all of their time and energy on practicing martial arts. It seems that their coexistence with the Pandawas has been growing more and more difficult lately… The source of their rivalry is said to involve religious differences. Fortunately, Aerdala is also a wonderful place to experience the here and now, as the followers of the Grand Puddah would say. So don't let their quarrels, rooted in religious conflicts that you probably have no hope of understanding, spoil your visit to this peaceful land… Be like the Wind Spirit… and let it flow.

But then again… If you like sticking your nose where it doesn't belong and simply can't resist stirring up a fight, don't let us stop you!

Aerdala is well-known as a place where people spend lots of time watching the sky. Around here, cumulus and altocumulus clouds take on all kinds of strange shapes. Those who know how to interpret them are considered exceptionally wise. Oh, look! A Gobball on a skateboard! Unless it's… a sausage on a skateboard? Or wait… A Gobball riding a sausage at full gallop! Either that, or… Hmm… Well, obviously not everyone has the gift.

That just about wraps it up for our tour of Aerdala! Join us again next week for a look at Feudala. New drawings and original sketches will be revealed!

Until then, enjoy your visit to Pandalan lands – and when it comes to bamboo milk, remember to drink responsibly…