There's been quite an adventuring boom in DOFUS since Pandala took on its brand-new appearance. It feels as though the World of Twelve's most mythical island has come back refreshed after a long slumber… But don't go charging headlong into its new traps like a hyperactive Iop! Start by reading the six-part guided tour prepared by Charlie's Agents. This time, we're headed to Akwadala for a refreshing dip!

Stretched along the seacoast in the southern part of Pandala is a sun-drenched region also known as the "Land of Glimmers": Akwadala, in all its abundance. Since time immemorial, it has served the Pandawas' most basic needs, providing them with the perfect terrain for growing rice, and fishing grounds positively bursting with wild Snappers. But don't be fooled by its idyllic and generous appearance. Lurking just behind the scenes are nefarious creatures known as the Kwapa, who work for a mysterious "Lady of the Water"


Not so very long ago, Inali, the minor goddess of rice, spoke to the Lenald people. No one knows for certain what exact words she whispered on that day, but ever since then, the Lenalds have been digging rice paddies and cherishing the earth to encourage its gift of this most valuable grain.


Everyone knows that the Pandawas have a pesky habit of fermenting anything they can get their paws on… so with all these abundant rice paddies around, it's no surprise that their next step would be to start making fermented rice milk! But that step was still an audacious one in its way, because there's one beverage that has always played an outsized role in the culture of Pandala's fuzzy black-and-white-furred adventurers: fermented bamboo milk! Needless to say, not everyone has come around to the pleasures of this alternative beverage just yet – and certain hardcore believers even consider it a sacrilege. Little by little, though, fermented rice milk and the new specialty made from it, known as Shaké, are growing in popularity.


Cross a fragile wooden bridge, head to a grand set of stairs carved right out of the rock, and you'll soon find yourself in a magnificent valley where bamboo footbridges crisscross countless ponds, creeks and streams. Once there, if you're not entirely blinded by its beauty, you'll notice that… it's swarming with Kwapa!

Legend has it that these monstrosities want to drown every Twelvian they can. They supposedly lure hapless children in order to kidnap them and hand them over to the undulating Lady of the Water


If you're looking to steer clear of the Kwapa and find a bit of peace and quiet, Froog Bridge is the perfect spot for you. At this sacred place, directly connected to the Water Spirit through its breathtaking waterfall, visitors ease the troubled waters of their souls by pouring their worries into its roaring flow. Some say the waterfall can even grant you a wish if you throw in a kama as an offering to the local spirit. But watch out! A Froog might grab your coin right out of the air with its tongue. After all, they live here too… it's only fair that they should get their share!


The Pandawas have learned from their past mistakes! This time, they remembered to build their port on a coast! Come here for fishing, pleasure-boating, or even to travel to Madrestam Harbour (assuming you complete the quest that gives you access to it, of course). To find the ship, just listen for the captain's rousing sea shanty: "Osakwa ♫ lalala ♫ here we come!"


Bewitched by the Kwapa, these springs turn anyone who bathes in them into the creature that once drowned there. There's White Bow Meow Spring, White Bwak Spring, and Pandalan Pig Spring. Consider yourself warned!

And with that, our little tour of Akwadala is complete! Join us again next week for a look at Terrdala. New drawings and original sketches will be revealed!

Until then, enjoy your visit to Pandalan lands – and when it comes to bamboo milk, remember to drink responsibly…