Our next update, "Pandala Awakens - Part 2", is just around the corner. While you're waiting, why not try out the latest content on the Beta server?

The Beta server will open on Tuesday, September 8 so that you can test all the great new stuff that's coming to the game. Ready to discover what's next for Pandala?

The changelog, which will be finalized on Monday and sent for translation that same day, won't be available in English for the BETA opening on Tuesday. We will publish it on this forum as soon as it is ready. The French changelog will, however, be available on this section of the French DOFUS forum.

Bug Reporting

When this Beta launches, we'll be bringing back the bug reporting system we used during the  2.56 beta testing! As such, you'll be able to win rewards again for helping us to hunt down those pesky bugs.

Once the Beta opens, the new forum section entitled "2.57 Pandala Awakens: reported bugs" will be used.

How will bug reporting work?

  1. You will still have to use the usual section for reporting Beta-specific bugs (right here).
    Be sure to add "[2.57]" at the start of your topic title.
  2. Once the bug has been confirmed and validated by the DOFUS team, we'll move your topic to the new forum section and reply to it.
  3. You will NOT be able to create topics directly in the new section, but you will still be able to reply to existing ones to provide additional information or details that could assist us with the bug in question.



What are the rewards for reporting a bug? How does it work?

  • If you are the topic creator and the bug is confirmed, you'll receive the "Betadjutant" title (once per account) and a Fashion Victim Mystery Box #2!
  • For all players who help out by providing constructive feedback on the topic, you'll also receive a Fashion Victim Mystery Box #2.

Once our teams have all the information they need, the topic will be closed, and the rewards will be credited at the end of the beta phase.

See you in 4 days on the Beta server!

"No one will find me here... hahaha! They don't know this area!"