The Beta server has just been updated so you can test what's new!

The Beta server is open. Come and check out:

  • The revamp of the Nolifis area
  • A new interface for the Kama Exchange *
  • New quests, dungeons, equipment…
  • The addition of achievement objectives to boss fights
  • A new Dofus

While we have sent the information to be translated, a detailed changelog (in French) is available. 

The bug hunt is on! Try to win rewards by telling us (here) about any bugs you find during the beta. (More information on the reward system here.)

Have fun on the Beta server, everyone!


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* ERRATUM 09/09/2020

This sentence is not correct and doesn't belong in this BETA announcement: the Kama Exchange cannot be tested during the BETA phase on an update and it never has been possible to do so.