Do you hear that pounding noise? Like the beating of a heart. Yet the creatures behind it are not of flesh and bone, and not a single drop of blood flows in their veins. But they're dead set on spilling plenty of yours… Nolifis Island is nearly ready to open. The question is, are you really ready to set foot there? Watch the teaser for an idea of what's in store…

Awakened from their final rest, they're back on their feet and coming this way… one pounding beat at a time! Do you like what you've seen so far in Pandala Awakens? Then this is no time to go back to sleep! The second part of update 2.57 is coming… The mist-shrouded Nolifis Island and its many specters are preparing a welcome for you that's as cold as a tombstone. Don't wait, check out the teaser now!

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Will you be bold enough to face your overwhelming fear of ghosts? Will you be foolhardy enough to venture into the very heart of an ancient Pandalan cemetery? Will you be brave enough to resist fleeing from this cursed island with your tail between your legs? To find out, join us in-game in late September!