There's been quite an adventuring boom in DOFUS since Pandala took on its brand-new appearance. It feels as though the World of Twelve's most mythical island has come back refreshed after a long slumber… But don't go stumbling into its newest traps like a particularly thick-headed Iop! Start by reading the six-part guided tour prepared by Charlie's Agents. Adventurers, it's time to grow a pair… and head to Terrdala!

Compared to the lush landscapes in neighboring Akwadala and Plantala, the Tanuki homeland may look a bit rough. Here in Terrdala, rocks thrust proudly toward the sky in all directions, whether they emerged naturally like bamboo shoots or were artistically placed like cairns. Some adventurers are so embarrassed at seeing phallic symbols everywhere that they turn as red as jasper (although that could also be due to the intense sun here).

Everyone is free to interpret the local artistic traditions as they please, but the truth is simply that for the Tanukis, size really does matter.


In every valley, at every crossroads and on even the tiniest stones, Terrdala is marked, stamped, and tattooed with the traces left by a people who don't mind showing off their impressive personal assets… of both the male and female variety! The first thing you'll notice are the grooves crisscrossing the ground everywhere, left by the male residents' low-hanging fruit. Over time, these signs have evolved to serve as useful geoglyphs. As for Tanuki females, their cups are positively overflowing with creative uses for their own extraordinary attributes: as paintbrushes, drums, parachutes, shields, hang-gliders, and even fishing nets. The Tanukis certainly have no lack of imagination when it comes to using what nature gave them!


Built by the Pandawas, and little appreciated by the Rock Spirit (who feels that it undermines his work), the Forge is operated by the hard-working Anatakwa, Master of the Elements, capable of crafting the rarest and sharpest blades. But what people ask her for most often are metal beer tankards, famed for their ability to prevent hangovers.


This breathtaking spot… actually seems to be breathing! Imagine a shattered, rocky landscape from which strange vapors emerge as though exhaled from the depths… A truly astounding sight! Some claim that by watching this "breath", visitors can see the restless spirits of Tanukis who were unable to finish their artistic quests in their lifetimes. Others say that the vapors simply have a hallucinogenic effect if you stare at them too long.


The Tanukis have a reputation as huge potheads… you know, because they really love clay pots. They'll sometimes even summon them in a fight! At the Earthenwarehouse, you can take your time choosing a good one – no one will ever rush you to pick or get off the pot! Looking for a crockpot, flowerpot or even a chamber pot? Poke around long enough and you're sure to hit the jackpot! They've also got vases. Bowls. Jugs. Some of them are incredibly valuable. Talk to store manager Tanuha Ping to learn more. If you're lucky, you might even run into one of those stuck-up artists who think they're so special… grr… What are they called again? Um… The kind that think everyone else's opinion is worthless? You know… The Kizmias types.


For a long time, Tanukouï San was known as the boss of the Kitsoune Dungeon. As a patron to many Tanuki artists, it was only natural for him to relocate and become the Terrdala dungeon keeper. His latest project? Building an army of terra cotta soldiers! One reason: because he didn't have an army. Another reason: because mud, earth, rock and the like are kind of a Tanuki specialty. So this was a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone.


What's the deal with this mysteriously mysterious island, anyhow? Is it a rough-hewn rock? A craggy cape? A peninsula? Whatever the case may be, the Nolifis Ferryman is waiting for adventurers with enough bal… er, enough… bold… Who are bold enough! Haha! As we were saying… This expressionless Pandawa with his one-eyed stare will take those who are bold enough to climb aboard on a trip to the haunted island…

To conclude this presentation, they should have sent a poet… and this time, they did! Let's hear from Jon Lemon, who sums up the essence of Terrdala better than anyone:

♫ Out there, they've got a lot of stones

Some tiny and some pointing to the sky

We scuff our knees and elbows, and we rattle our poor bones

It's a rocky road we wander, you and I…»

And on that note, our little tour of Terrdala is complete! Join us again next week for a look at Planta… What's that? You want to know more about Nolifis Island? Oh… All right… Come back very soon for a closer look at the cursed island, then, and next week we'll check out Plantala!