Writing this is challenging, knowing that these lines will be read and reread, and passionately analyzed and dissected. But it's also a huge pleasure to write this article and start a discussion with you about the future of DOFUS! 

Almost a year ago, we decided to reveal a short video in the KrosmoNote to give you a first glimpse of the project that we've been referring to internally as "DOFUS Unity" (as a temporary name for the project, not the name of the game). Although we were very clear at the time that we wouldn't have much more to say about the project for a while, the video generated not only a lot of excitement, but also lots of questions and frustrations on your side. The time has come. Today, we can finally tell you a bit more about the project.


DOFUS Unity 

I don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, so I'll get right to the point. DOFUS Unity is the result of a long period of reflection, discussion, and analysis of your feedback, and of our own wishes for DOFUS over the years. Currently iterating on the prototype stage, DOFUS Unity will be a new game that combines the best of DOFUS 2, its roots in DOFUS Retro, and approaches from more modern games.

The discussion immediately turned to the future of your characters: Would this be an improved version of the DOFUS you're playing now, in which your current characters would simply continue their adventures with all their existing equipment, or would it be an all-new game that merely shares the same universe as DOFUS, while inviting you to explore a brand-new adventure with a new character?

For DOFUS Unity, the answer is that this will be a new game, with new mechanics, new rules and new goals. It's not a continuation of the adventure you started in DOFUS, but a new game that will offer an all-new experience in the World of Twelve, with its own quests, its own equipment, and its own progression.

We intend to take our time with this project, because we want to be sure that we're offering you a high-quality game above all. Development time on MMORPGs tends to be long, and this means that the game won't be available for a few years.

In the interest of transparency, here's a short video of the current state of the prototype as it exists today. However, note that all the content – including the graphic content – is temporary, and does not in any way represent the final experience we're aiming for.

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As you can see, we're thinking about some really big changes from current versions of DOFUS: possibly having a free-look camera, more open environments, the ability to directly control a group of multiple characters, making combats more dynamic and punchy, etc., and of course the transition to 3D. And why not play DOFUS on your couch with a controller?

The list is long, but the possibilities are very exciting!


So how does DOFUS fit into all this? 


I hope I didn't lose you in the previous paragraph. To nip your concerns in the bud right away: No, we're not going to abandon DOFUS (in its current version, after the upgrade to version 2 a few years back). Quite the contrary! In fact, we plan to give it a second wind, especially on the technical side.

We've decided to completely recreate the DOFUS game client in Unity. As you know, the DOFUS client is developed almost entirely in AF3 (the programming language for Flash), but despite our best intentions and efforts, we're starting to reach the limits of what's possible in terms of making the client run more smoothly and improving the game experience in the current game client.

Porting the DOFUS game client is an ambitious project that will take time (and resources!) to complete, but will enable us to significantly "refresh" your in-game experience.

For the technically inclined or anyone who's just curious, remember that Flash doesn't use all the capabilities of your graphics card, and only uses one of your processor's cores. With this change, much more will become possible! Along the way, we also hope to study the possibility of making your visits to the World of Twelve more lively and vibrant, although this would not mean a complete overhaul of the graphics: the game would stay in 2D, with the unique style that is central to its identity.

So, once this port is completed, there will be no major changes to the game or to your characters. Your in-game experience will be almost exactly the same as it is today, just a lot more pleasant. This consolidation will allow us to keep developing the game from one update to the next with no problems, to add to your characters' adventures year after year, and to provide improved technical stability!

We're currently working on the next batch of content for release in 2021, and I hope we'll be able to get back to you soon with a few details *cough, spoilers, cough* about what's coming next year.

DOFUS is still an amazing adventure that's been going for over 15 years, almost 16 years now… a journey we've made with you, and all thanks to your support. And it's definitely far from over…

Once again, on behalf of the whole DOFUS team and all our Ankama teams, I've got just two words left to say here: THANK YOU!