The Ankama Live is now over, and lots of new information has been revealed!
Learn about all kinds of great stuff on the way, including single-account servers for Retro, Pandala part 2, update 1.33, and of course Dofus Unity…

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We're celebrating another DOFUS anniversary, and this year we're going back to a more traditional format:

We won't be repeating the 15th anniversary event, but we aren't ruling out the possibility of bringing you back to Ankama virtually someday.

In-game, you'll get double combat and profession XP on all game servers and unlimited dungeon access, all weekend long. In Retro too!

Also, as a special treat, there's a gift waiting for you in DOFUS 2.0 – a pet. To collect it, just talk to the relevant NPC.

We didn't want to do double XP for the launch of the single-account servers, so that's why we'll be doing it on the weekend of September 25.


First of all, we want to thank the 45,000 players who have pre-registered. You'll need to be subscribed in order to access Retro.

Besides these six servers, there will be other game servers coming out so that everyone can join the party.

A specific leaderboard will be set up so you can track your progress.

When there are lots of servers, there's always a moment when we have to merge them. The last time, we didn't have any technical tools to do this merge, but we have one now. We'll be able to initiate this process whenever it becomes necessary.

Mergers are done when we get to a point where the population on the various servers allows us to combine all the players onto one server. You can expect this merger to result in multiple merged servers.

As with the launch of Retro, it won't be possible to buy houses or paddocks or to do any breeding until the merger.

The launch will take place on September 30.

It's possible to connect with 2 accounts from the same IP. Yes, we're aware that in some cases, the same person will be playing with both accounts. But the impact of this will be minimal.

More generally, the experience will be much cleaner, and this is why we've decided to restrict character creation. When we first launch, though, you may find yourself waiting in a queue, but that should clear up very quickly.

This will also significantly reduce the number of bots in the game.

Also remember that the use of VPNs or proxies is prohibited by our Terms of Use, but for the Retro launch, you simply won't be able to connect if you're using a tool to hide your IP address.

RETRO 1.33

This update adds lots of new stuff in the game, mainly bug fixes and improvements to the in-game experience. A few changes to Remastered. We're trying to learn more about what the community wants to see so that we can make changes.

Version 1.33.1 will be coming next week. Just an FYI, it won't be deployed in this update, but auto-connect in the launcher will be coming very soon. So you can connect directly with multiple accounts. We'll also be adding various items in Retro like the Witter Beanie, the Twit Shield and the T'Youb Cloak.

A reminder about the surveys: they help us to better understand what you want to see, but they're just another piece of information that we consider and don't dictate our decision on their own.

We asked for your feedback on Petsmounts, and we decided to show the results live. We consistently clean up the results for all of our surveys. So no problem on that front.

Version 1.34 is coming at the end of this year, with two new Dofus and two new dungeons. This content will be present in the game files that we'll unlock.


Our overhaul of Pandala Island isn't done yet! We're adding two new areas on Nolifis Island, two dungeons and new monster families. We've added some new maps in Akwadala, for example, for farming and for quests.

The Pandala overhaul is related to the Eliocalypse: what players are seeing in Dofus are the consequences of the Eliocalypse for the World of Twelve at the time.


Unity is a 3D engine for the game to run in. We're making this change in technology because we're coming up to the limit of what Flash can do.

The 3D version that you've seen is only intended as a prototype. We're just using it to test various elements, mechanics and so on. It's really like a workshop or lab, and we just wanted to put out this video to see your reactions. We also wanted to share some good news with you.

As for Dofus 2, we announced a port of the current game, with all of your characters, equipment, all the same gameplay… but using the Unity game engine. The in-game experience and stability will both be improved. More lively NPCs, more immersive backgrounds. We'll refer you to the article that was posted on Friday for more details.

Questions and Answers:

At what time will the DOFUS Retro single-account servers be opening?

We'll let you know the specific time as soon as we can, as we approach the launch date.

What's up with balancing?

There's no balancing in this next update. We had to prioritize other content. We're planning to do some bug fixes for the classes in the end-of-year update.

What about dual-account in Retro?

We're allowing 2 devices to connect from the same IP, but playing with both accounts at the same time is not allowed.

Any chance of a transfer from Jahash to Ilyzaelle?

No, our policy hasn't changed at this time.

AvA overhaul?

Unfortunately, this won't be done in 2020. We wanted to take the time needed to do things right.

Why aren't the actions that you're taking against bots on Retro being deployed everywhere?

We're not ruling out the option of extending our strategy to our other games if this first experiment goes well.

We're planning to put out an update with no new content at the start of next year, in which we'll be focusing exclusively on bug fixes in all the different aspects of the game: integration, graphics and animations.