This year, you're going to lose. There's no point kidding yourself… No, it's for sure: You won't win the grand prize for the ugly Kwismas sweater this time! But if you wear your woolly fleece in the colors of DOFUS, you've got every chance of leading the flock in the next Miss and Mister Amakna contest! Supplies are limited!

Once again this year, it'll take malicious delight in making noses turn red among adventurers who are numb with cold. Once again this year, you'll empty your bank account buying tissues, and it'll ruin your gredibilidy by making you dalk like thiz. It's coming… Straight from Frigost, ready to numb every centikameter of your body.

The first chills were nothing but a warm-up. Soon, hands will be cracked and lips will be chapped. Soon, knees will shiver and toes will turn blue… Unless… What if this winter, the only shivers you got were from the excitement of playing your MMO? What if you got through the Descendre cold without losing your style? That's more like it! What if this once, you faced winter WITH style?

The DOFUS Kwismas sweater* is your key to losing all ugly sweater contests and winning all the game's quests and challenges! Knitted by a merry group Goblimps using certified anti-itch Gobball wool, the DOFUS Kwismas sweater combines comfort and elegance, and it's the best friend of every adventurer who feels the cold.

No more heavy knitwear that bobbles and itches. Gone are the tacky moose patterns and pompoms. This year, make way for the Kwismas sweater in the colors of your favorite MMO!

Hurry up and pre-order it while you can!


* Material: 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.
**Delivery by early December