For two weeks, the Inglorium battles have been the hottest thing going. After 14 qualifying rounds, the best fighters have been chosen for the final phases. Watch streams of their exploits!

With 401 teams registered, Inglorium is the biggest DOFUS tournament since the DOFUS World Series Summer 2018 edition! Yes, indeed!

The goal of all 1,434 players in each of the 2513 matches that took place in the first 14 rounds was the same – take their teams to the top 32 in order to continue the adventure in the finals!

Many teams used to high-level PVP have obviously managed to succeed at this little game. This is notably the case for Polia (1st), Band of the Hawk (2nd), Emperor (4th), Steinway Gate (7th), Omae Riktus (15th) and Outbreak (25th) to cite only the best known. Other teams, less used to the limelight, have also been impressive. Among these, we can cite Octarine (3rd), Catchana Baby (8th), Mask (11th, first English-speaking team) and Indie (14th, first Spanish-speaking team).

Here's the full lineup for the final phases:

Here's the schedule:

Some of you might be champions on these teams, but for everyone else, Twitch is waiting for you to watch the matches live starting tonight!

Tesseract will be rebroadcasting the RO16, semi-finals and final on: