Are you ready to kick some spooky Pumpkwins to the cucurbit? And why not beat some color into them while you're at it? Orange turns black when bruised, doesn't it? The Fricadavera Pack and its colorable set are bringing a splash of color to Al Howin! Check it out while you can!

For the ordinary person, Al Howin means shivers, harrowing cries in the night, and terrifying monsters, all with a whiff of gloom about it (or of wet trousers – accidents happen!). But for Fricadavera, nothing could be further from the spook!

Famous for her paintings of Chafloras (Chafers, but flowery) and her frescoes of Kidos and Bwaks with brightly pigmented feathers, this young Twelvian artist brings new life to perhaps the most dismal day in the Krosmic calendar like no one else can!

This year, Fricadavera is putting her talents to work for her fellow Twelvians by offering them a set that looks, well… deadly!

The Fricadavera Pack is available in the store now for €24.99. It contains:

  • a colorable Fricadavera set (Mascatrina headgear + Capel Picado cape + Rosarmadura shield + Espadeath sword),
  • a colorable pet Fen Ecalavera,
  • an Al Howin Haven Bag,
  • a 15-day subscription,
  • and 6,000 ogrines.

Buy this pack and get six Al Howin Blind Boxes free! They'll each give you one of the following items:

  • a ceremonial pet Kaspur (18%),
  • a pet Borbat (18%),
  • a Malicious Shield (18%),
  • an Ominous Helm (18%),
  • an Ominous Cloak (18%),
  • a ceremonial pet Eybahl (9%),
  • or, if you've got Ecaflip's luck and you hit the jackpot (1%), all the items at once!

You can also get the Fricadavera set alone for €9.99 (or 10,000 OG), and the pet Fen Ecalavera for €7.99 (or 8,000 OG). Do you want to have your Pumpkwin cake and eat it? Then you'll be pleased to know the set and pet are available together in a pack for €14.99 (or €15,000 OG)!

You've got until Tuesday, November 3 to treat yourself to a dance with death…