It's as if this wretched curse will never end… Every year you have to put up with creatures that – let's face it – look pumped full of Pumpkwin… Get ready to make them mewl like ghouls: Al Howin is back!

From Tuesday, October 20 through Tuesday, November 3, you can scour the area and give Al Howin Gobballs and Tofus the scare of their lives! Translation: The Al Howin event is back, so it's no holds barred against Pumpkwin-headed creatures that will try to turn you into one of their own!

On the program for this event:
  • Grab your spades, picks, rakes, scythes, knifes, pitchforks, and whatever else you can, then use them as defensive weapons against the worst creatures that Al Howin's Vegetable Patch has in store for you. The dungeon will be reopening its gates for the entire event! Just like past years, it's where you can fight exclusive monsters. Cast that deadly spell on them and you'll taste your victory by enjoying lollies, candy kebabs, and frightfully delicious Cheweez!
  • The Al Howin quests are back as well!
  • Guess who else will be taking part in the fun, waiting for you near the Evil Forest to give you a s-BOO-ky look? Wearing orange and black, she'll kindle your fears. Her wonderful Malicious Hat and elegant Malicious Cloak – both of them timeless – will be yours (for a few Malician Badges, of course).

Do you want to experience the shivers to the full and take on a killer look for the occasion? Then get the Fricadavera Pack, out on Tuesday, October 20 as well!

Get ready!