Contrary to popular belief, Al Howin isn't just about harrowing cries in the night, and its color palette needn't be limited to black and Pumpkwin orange! Al Howin can also be a time to celebrate love and artistic creativity. And it just so happens that we're combining them both in a new contest!

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There are some memories that we savor with all the sweetness of a tasty caramel from our childhood days. Remember that time in Krosmic History class when you discreetly helped pass love notes from a classmate to their sweetheart? A small gesture, perhaps, but you knew you were playing a part in a romantic story… And once the seed was planted, you were filled with the exhilarating feeling of having done a good deed.

Ah, the heady rush of young love…

Sometimes love needs a bit of a helping hand. Or a little touch of madness! And what is madness but another form of art? What is love, but the sweetest form of madness?

In these dark times when the curse of Al Howin relentlessly haunts the World of Twelve, what do you say to putting on your "romantic hero" costume once again and helping two lonely hearts find love? But don't think about it for too long, because the clock is ticking!

Rozza, the little Fen Ecalavera, and Manny, the skull from Srambad, met quite by accident one day. There was an immediate spark between them. But before they could turn that spark into a flame, they had to go their separate ways…

To celebrate Al Howin, Captain Scarlight is organizing the kind of party he excels at: a grand masked ball! And this is no private get-together – anyone can participate! On one condition, that is: they have to come in disguise. Rozza was admitted to the captain's Haven Bag without a hitch, but not Manny, whom the doorman found a bit too… pale.

The same rules apply to our little Srambad skull as to anyone else! The only way he'll get in to meet with Rozza is by putting on some makeup!


And that's where you come in… Time to get out your brushes, pencils, and palettes, and most importantly, time to fire up your imagination and creativity! We'd like your help in making this skull look a little more lively, so he can join the party and find his beloved!

To take part in this contest, you'll need to follow a few rules:

  • There are two possible types of entries: traditional (by hand) or digital. All techniques are allowed!
  • You must use the template provided , which you can edit or modify however you like as long as the image outline remains unchanged.
  • Formats accepted: PNG and JPEG.
  • Your creation must be posted in another forum topic, with an indication of which category you're submitting your entry to. If you don't know how to submit your masterpiece, you can follow this tutorial. Note: any entries posted below (in this post announcing the contest) will not be considered.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed (no multi-accounting participations, no participations in both categories).
  • Messages/Entries may be modified until the contest deadline.
  • Only players from the English speaking community may participate.
  • Entries must respect the DOFUS Terms of Use.
  • You have until Tuesday, November 3 at 5 p.m. (CET) to submit your creations.
  • The winners will be selected by a jury made up of employees working at Ankama. Humor, creativity and originality will be the key factors in this contest!
  • The names of the six selected winners will be announced 7 days after the contest ends. They'll receive the following prizes per category:

First place:

  • A complete Fricadavera pack
  • A Paint emote

Second and third place:

  • A Vanelle Sings set + a ceremonial pet Eybahl + an Al Howin Blind Box + an Al Howin Haven Bag
  • A Paint emote

We can't wait to see your creations and share them with the whole world!