16 top-level teams, 1 month of tournament action and thousands of euros in cash prizes: Welcome to the KT Finals!

A tournament of champions

After 9 months of intense battles, the 16 best DOFUS PvP teams have qualified for the KT Finals, the elite end-of-season tournament for Krosmoz Tournaments Arena.

Certain teams stand out from the crowd, and will be particularly interesting to watch based on their past success. There are a few names you're sure to recognize!

But no team winds up in the KT Finals by accident, and any one of them can pull off a victory.
One thing is for sure: every team will be giving its all to try and earn the big rewards that await the bravest combatants!

Riches and glory

And make no mistake: in the KT Finals, the rewards really are impressive!


A minimum of €5000 in cash prizes will be shared by the top 4 teams. Why "a minimum"? Because the cash prize will be crowdfunded, and you can contribute to it by purchasing KTA-exclusive cosmetic items! More information on this subject will be coming very soon.

The tournament champions will also win a Champion Set, an Escuktaeon of their choice, and the KTA-exclusive "Seasonal Warrior" title.