Winter is coming… so spend it with a friend! Pick up this Virizeon pet, break the ice with Virizeon's Breath, and pitch in to help fund the cash prize for the KT Finals!

As we recently told you, the KT Finals are taking place throughout the whole month of November. Teams are fighting for their place on the throne, and viewers are already eagerly watching all the action. But you have the power to make this spectacle even more exciting by making a contribution to the crowdfunded cash prize and raising the stakes of the tournament!


The initial reward for the KT Finals is set at €5000, and starting today, you can help make the jackpot even bigger by buying two specific cosmetic items. So what'll it be: the little Virizeon dragon, a Virizeon's Breath emote, or both?


You can get them now for €7 each or €12 for the pack, and 40% of all sales will be added to the KT Finals cash prize!

Sold through our partner

KTA is organized by our partner Smiz, so for this special occasion, you'll make your purchases on their site,


Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive a code by email, which you can then enter in the gift code interface on our site, or directly in the in-game shop, to claim your item(s)!


Buy Now

Visit the KTA website to track how the cash prize is growing. The shop will close on November 25 at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time).  

Note: is currently the one and only site not belonging to Ankama which is authorized to sell items for the DOFUS game. Stay alert and don't be fooled by phishing attacks!