It's time for the second round of your new DOFUS Retro encounters. Did you survive your fight with the Wa Wabbit? Well, you're in luck: Now's your chance to kill two birds with one stone: battle the coolest colossus ever and walk away with a shiny new shield!

Do you know the true story of the Koolich? They say that the lord of the Koalaks, always keen to protect his people (along with his precious Kaliptus Dofus), posted a sign reading "Beware of Koolich" on the entrance to his realm. Some even claim that he'd occasionally imitate the call of a creature he liked to describe as built like a Crackler and topped with a tangle of mossy braids.

What the Koalak lord didn't know is that this legend would become reality

A fellow named Khoti, who was a disciple of the lord and a big kaliptus smoker in his free time, one day had the wild notion to combine two gems taken from the body of the Mountain Crackler, who'd been violently murdered by his brother, the Plain Crackler.

The Koalak was drawn in like a puff of kaliptus smoke and instantly fused with the dead Crackler.

The Koolich was thus born!

So, if you get the urge to see for yourself if the legend is (finally) true, or if you simply want to chew on some dried kaliptus leaves (which really do freshen your breath), take a trip, sometime between Friday, November 13 at 4 p.m. (Paris time) and Monday, November 16 at 4 p.m., to Koolich Dungeon and… snuff him out!

*The Trophy Koolich Shield grants the title "Koolich Slayer". It can only be obtained by battling the Koolich in his dungeon (arena fights don't count), and you'll receive it immediately after the fight. Its drop rate is 10%, which can only be modified through prospecting or through challenge bonuses. This unique item is equipped like a standard shield and it doesn't grant any stats to the wearer. You can't obtain it if you already have it in your inventory.