To face the World of Twelve and its dangers, it's best to have a thick skin and sturdy shoulders. And speaking of shoulders, don't they deserve as much attention as the other parts of your body you try so hard to accentuate every day? The new Shoulder Pad Blind Box seems to answer this question!

Nothing about an adventurer's outfit is random! Your cloak, fluttering in the wind, highlights your prominent back muscles. Your boots call attention to your beautiful toes. Your hat conceals your emerging bald spot. So, what about those shoulders that so many things rest upon?

Following the success of the first Shoulder Pad Blind Box, we had no choice but to offer a second one! This time around, 6 existing sets, back in the shop for the occasion, will benefit from these wonderful adornments. Specifically:

  • the Monkiki'ng set (colorable)
  • the Tuquoque set (colorable)
  • the Floral set (colorable)
  • the Nightmare set
  • the Little Moushu set
  • the Corsair set

Are you familiar with Mystery Boxes? The principle of this Shoulder Pad Blind Box is the same: Open it up and get a random pair of shoulder pads from among the ones it contains. Specifically:

Common (60%):

  • Corsair (20%)
  • Nightmare (20%)
  • Little Moushu (20%)

Rare (39%):

  • Monkiki'ng (13%)
  • Tuquoque (13%)
  • Floral (13%)

 Jackpot (1%): all shoulder pads!

Shoulder Pad Blind Box #2 is available in the online store through Wednesday, December 2 for €0.99 (1,000 ogrines) each, €4.99 (5,000 ogrines) for six, and €9.99 (10,000 ogrines) for 13.

And for anyone who might have missed it, the original Shoulder Pad Blind Box will be back in the shop during this time!