On December 1, there'll be two key things to remember: open the first window of your calendar full of chocolates (whether you believe in the Twelve or not, because after all, gluttony is universal!), but more importantly – log in to the beta server to test the upcoming Update 2.58!

Before we let our latest update fly up to the heights of Aerdala to live freely, it must, as its older siblings did before it, go through beta testing. So, you're invited to come test out this new update and then share your valuable feedback! (With the kindness suited to the Kwismas spirit, of course!)

New in this update:

  • There will be a few improvements, particularly concerning smithmagic and the Cania Bandits quest.
  • News features, like a brand new progression guide.
  • And of course, you'll get the third and final part of the massive overhaul of Pandala Island!

Want to be one of the first players to see all that? If so, visit the beta server starting on Tuesday, December 1!

We're counting on you!