The next update may be essentially focused on the third and final part of the Pandala Island revamp, but it's also an opportunity to add some polish to certain aspects of the game. To find out more about upcoming improvements, join us on our Twitch channel on Monday, November 30!

Before jumping into the adventure with a new update that promises to be major, we suggest that you learn a bit more about its content. Let's get together and savor this exciting little moment, kind of like when you carefully unwrap a box of chocolates and then devour each one!

Join Logan, Crocus, and Starbender on Monday, November 30 at 2:30 pm CET on our Ankama Live Twitch channel! Discussion topics for this livestream will include class balancing as well as certain in-game items. This will also be a chance to reveal the stats for the new Black-Spotted Dofus…

If you miss the livestream, not to worry – a recording will be available on Twitch immediately afterwards. Plus, a written recap will be made available a few days later! 

We hope you can make it!