The history of Pandala continues to be written... Stop what you're doing and log on to check outthe third and final installment of the newly revamped island!

Two new kingdoms in one, monsters that are sometimes inky shadows and other times paper origami and, even, a new dragon egg to acquire... The new update certainly promises lots of new wonders!

Although the "Suggestions" section we previously presented won't be released with the 2.58 update, to give our teams time to properly test this new in-game functionality as it is yet not ready (It will see the light of day on DOFUS in January. We will get back to you on the subject in early 2021!), there are other surprises in store for you in 2.58 update, besides all the wonder Pandala still has to reveal to you. Including:

  • An up-to-date Smithmagus interface
  • A new and improved Cania Bandits quest,  
  • And an all-new progress guide! 

Read up on the changes to come on the 2.58 Game Progress and 2.58 Upcoming Changes devblogs!


Log on now!