After weeks of preparation, we finally went live yesterday with our Krosmonote conference, where we shared with you everything there is to share on our games, what we did, and what we will do in 2021. You didn't get a chance to watch it? No sweat, we got you covered with this news: here's a summary of what was shared regarding DOFUS. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride! 



Some info about 2021

With the 2.58 update in BETA right now, we feel it's time to share with you a few things (not all!) we are working on:


Update 2.59
We call the first DOFUS update of 2021 the "debug" update. Once the 3rd part of the Pandal Awakens update is live, we feel the time will be right to address all issues we have wanted to revisit.

  • No new content will be released during this update.
  • We do not know how yet, but we want to include the community to participate in this initiative.
  • We know the game is in dire need of some TLC. Not everything will be fixed with this update, obviously, but our focus will be on improving your gaming experience first and foremost. 

Did someone say "Temporis"?
Want a recap of the past Temporis experiences? Let's have a look:
  • Temporis I - rush server
  • Temporis II - all about drops
  • Temporis III - Bonta vs Brakmar 
  • Temporis IV - Scrollsayers

We will see the return of the temporary server in 2021 with its 5th edition, where we will shake things up, especially when it comes to in-game progression. 
Usually, it is Xelor that overlooks the Temporis experiences, thanks to his little experiments. This time, another god is stepping in to put a real twist into things. 

While the first chapter of this narrative arc  - Eliocalypse I: Resonance - set the stage to the events whose impact on the World of Twelve, especially with Pandala, we will discover with the wrap up of the second chapter - Eliocalypse II: Resilience.
In 2021, we will kick off the third and final chapter - Eliocalypse III: Reminiscence, which will make the link between the Eliocalypse, what it represents and the world of dreams.
The answers related to the Eliocalypse will not be found in the Age of the Dofus. What takes place within the game is only the result of actions taking place elsewhere, in another dimension.
This year will also be an opportunity to continue the quest for the six Primordial Dofus and to look into the consequences of their reunification.

Two words: Bonta + Brakmar
A revamp of these cities is coming in 2021.
Considering everything taking place in terms of the Eliocalypse, a change will happen around these cities that will completely change these cities. 

Bonta and Brakmar is an eternal conflict. 
Other aspects of the game that concern its social aspects, such as guilds and AvA will be linked to the revamp of these two cities, but such changes won't happen all at once but rather gradually over the year. 

OK, go on... one more surprise.

Yes, we will talk about the porting DOFUS 2 to Unity.

To be clear, there are two separate DOFUS projects associated with Unity: one we might just call "DOFUS Unity" which will be in 3D, and one where we port DOFUS 2 to Unity from Adobe Flash. . We are talking of the latter. 
It is slowly, but surely, progressing. We are lucky to be working with Unity Technologies directly, who are helping us. We are identifying all technical solutions needed, and we wanted to share with you what it could eventually look like. 
Notice how the environment isn't static, and even how the character's chest moves as it breathes? Well, this is another thing we have been working on for a while: your characters.

We know your character is at the heart of your DOFUS adventure. We are redoing what we call the character "bones" to increase the articulation points to improve the animations, to bring more fluidity and even more possibilities for customization - today a character only has 3 visible equipment slots, and we want to increase those. 

Ok ok, one final little gift...
As of December 18, you will be able to listen to the DOFUS soundtrack on all streaming platforms: Deezer, Spotify, Apple, Amazon!