After weeks of preparation, we finally went live yesterday with our Krosmonote conference, where we shared with you everything there is to share on our games, what we did, and what we will do in 2021. You didn't get a chance to watch it? No sweat, we got you covered with this news: here's a summary of what was shared regarding DOFUS Retro. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride! 



In a past Livestream, we mentioned to you that while donning our archaeology gear, we dug deep into 16-yer old code and found some content that was never actually released before, even though it was there all along. We mentioned we were going to add such content - Ivory and Ebony Dofus and 2 new dungeons-  in what we call the 1.34 DOFUS Retro update. Alas, we wouldn't be able to do release this content this year for several reasons, among which:
  • wanting to make sure it gets done properly, and
  • wanting to welcome players to test the content - but with the lockdown situation in France, we are unable to do so at the moment. 

Still to come in 2020
Now, in saying that, we will still have a 1.34 update for Retro, which will come out next Wednesday, December 9, and will include some surprises:

  • New optimisations, bug fixes, interface improvements,
  • Polykromes:
    • New items that take the appearance of iconic items in DOFUS Retro, and whose colour you can change.
    • No, no, they aren't to be confused with colourable items. ;)
    • We're thinking about a nice new subscription pack around this concept.
    • Some are hidden in-game as rare drops.
    • Warning: if you had your hopes on the possibility that you could wear an item above your level, forget about it. The rules remain the same in terms of level requirement. 
  • We also improved the personalization interface to make it easier to preview your colours, but you will also be able to show/hide equipment and your mount 
Do you think it is over for the 1.34? Well, it isn't: tournament maps are coming to Retro! We are deploying a tournament mode to allow you, the player, to organize your own tournaments.
  • The old maps were remastered,
  • Enemies are invisible during the preparation phase of a combat,
  • When in the tournament area, shields will no longer have their alignment requirement in order to be equipped,
  • No aggros allowed in the tournament area!

We remind you that all this content is coming your way this coming Wednesday, December 9!


In terms of 2021...
Well, we will share with you a few things we have in the 2021 pipeline for DOFUS Retro:

  • Coming with update 1.35, as you know by now, is the Ivory and Ebony Dofus content, with Ilyzaelle and Qu'Tan, as previously mentioned
  • A little after 1.35, improvements to the tactical mode. This will take us a lot of time but we want to bring some life and colour to this functionality. 
Now that is enough of spoilers for now, but we can assure you we have many more surprises for next year on DOFUS Retro. <3