The third and final chapter of the Pandala revamp is now available. Before you enter the Celestial Kingdoms of Ink and Paper, or even think of acquiring the mysterious Black-Spotted Dofus, pick up one of the new subscription packs!

Pandala's story continues to be written… You're about to set foot in the dimensions of Wukin and Wukang, encounter strange creatures made of paper and ink, and possibly even walk away with a symbol of true love: the Black-Spotted Dofus. Hold on! Aren't you forgetting something…? The new subscription packs are here, and it's time to pick one out!

As usual, there are several versions to choose from:

  • a 3-month subscription pack containing the new Dedlof Set
  • a 6-month pack containing this same set, along with something else that's new: the Origami emote
  • a 1-year pack with three new things: the Dedlof Set, the Origami emote, and the Ekirin petsmount
  • a special Master Pack that includes all the things!