After far too many abuses observed in the game, we are reversing our decision to allow two accounts to log in to Retro single-account servers.

As we announced in this forum message last week, we previously made it so that two machines with the same IP address could connect to the single-account servers on Retro; this provided a solution for players who wanted to play with their partner, sibling, or Bow Meow.

Many players, fairly or not, use this option to have an easier time progressing in the game. What was meant to be the exception ultimately became the rule, and we are by no means happy with the way things turned out.

That's why we're putting an end to the flexibility we had introduced, and we are reverting to a mode where single-account gaming is the rule, at a server level, without exceptions. From Wednesday, January 13th, this new rule will be implemented during the weekly maintenance, one IP = one account. Other measures will be taken soon in the same direction.

Of course, a more flexible play experience is still accessible on the "classic" Retro servers.

The Ankama Team