Whether traditionalists like it or not, red, gold and green won't be the predominant Kwismas colors this year. And who's the bad guy spoiling things? You! Because the Polykrome Pack will make it look like you're the black hat of the story…

Three items that adventurers across the World of Twelve will know have been waiting for winter to show off their most beautiful colors. Well… YOUR most beautiful colors! You're familiar with their classic varieties, so now here they are in a whole new version! The Solomonk (level 120), the Adventurer Helmet (level 1), and the Mitch Shroom (level 150) now adapt to the colors of whoever wears them.* Here they are together in a pack that also contains three Mimisymbics.

Every time you purchase this pack for €14.99, you'll get a one-month subscription and a color change potion for free!


* These items will be linked to your account for two months.