The team has been talking actively about the Blacksmith dungeon for some time now. For us, its current situation does not represent the experience we want for the game.

Here's a bit of background for those of you new to the subject… High-level teams do this low-level dungeon repeatedly for its high rate of rare ore gains and kama earnings. This loot is doubled for each Enutrof disciple on the team because of their chests, which gives it an excellent time-to-earnings ratio without much prior investment.

Dungeons in DOFUS Retro can only be left in two ways: defeating the monsters on each map, or dying. With that in mind, the dungeon keeper room only has one placement cell. It is also possible to attack other players on the map.

Combined with ever-increasing interest in the dungeon, this creates a choke point, frustration, anti-game behaviors, and over-generation of kamas from nothing.

We have several possible interventions in mind but, given that it's a sensitive subject, we want to let the community have a say before we make a decision.