Since 2018, more and more of you have been taking part in or watching the competitions put on by Krosmoz Tournaments Arena. Check out the 2021 schedule!

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KTA (Ankama's partner) will be putting on a new season of tournaments in 2021. If you're a die-hard fan of PvP, an enthusiastic esport spectator or just curious, this is for you!


If you followed season 4 last year, you'll be on familiar ground. Because of the success of the tournaments in 2020, KTA has decided to use a similar system this year… with just a few changes, notably the tournament names!

The DOFUS Leagues

The first part of the season will unfold around a system of level leagues. Each team will be able to earn the ranks of Bronze, Silver, or Gold based on its performance in tournaments.

Stage One: The DOFUS League Qualifiers

First, the teams need to be divided fairly into three leagues. Regardless of your history as a player, you will all start on equal footing in Bronze. The role of the DOFUS League Qualifiers, the first tournament of the season, is to assign the rank of Gold to the top eight teams, and the rank of Silver to the next 50!


This tournament is starting very soon. Registration is already open, starting today, and will close next Monday. The first matches will be held on Wednesday, February 3. Head to the KTA website!

Next Stages: The DOFUS League Tournaments

There will be 4 rounds of DOFUS League Tournaments spread out from March to July. Each time, three tournaments will be held simultaneously, one for each league:

Bronze League

The Bronze League Tournament is open to all teams that do not already rank in Silver or Gold, including new teams joining in the adventure throughout the season. The top 16 teams will earn the rank of Silver for the next league tournaments. It'll be up to you to fight your way to the top!
Silver League

The Silver League Tournament is reserved for the 50 teams that have the rank of Silver. The top three teams will earn the rank of Gold, whereas the bottom 16 teams will be demoted to Bronze for the next tournaments. This is the perfect place to strive for greatness… but make sure you don't get demoted!
Gold League

The Gold League Championship is reserved for the eight teams with the rank of Gold. The bottom three teams will be demoted to Silver for the following league tournaments. All eyes will be riveted on this championship where the biggest rewards are within reach!

As you can tell, rankings will change considerably throughout the season and you can jump into the adventure anytime during the season in the Bronze league!

Following each wave of tournaments, prizes will, of course, be distributed to the most deserving.

DOFUS World Cup

Until now, KTA organized the Inglorium tournament, but now you'll be talking about the DOFUS World Cup!


The biggest tournament of the year now has a name as big as it! No more leagues, all the teams will come together and the world champions will earn that title after a colossal competition!


You still have time to hone your stragegy because the DOFUS World Cup will be held several months from now, in September.

DOFUS Masters

Replacing the KT Finals, the DOFUS Masters will close this busy season 5 in November! You will need to qualify to participate in this tournament, which will bring together the year's top 16 teams.


There are three ways to qualify. All three are difficult, but that's to be expected for such an elite tournament as this!

  • Win a Gold League Championship.
  • Reach the semi-finals (or better) in the DOFUS World Cup.
  • Be selected via the KTA points you earn throughout the season with each tournament performance.

General Information

Here is some additional information to understand how KTA tournaments work:

  • Tournaments are organized on the KTA website.
  • If you register, we strongly recommend that you join the KTA Discord server.
  • The entire season will be played on a tournament server, with accounts provided for the occasion that include all 18 classes at level 200 with, notably, all level-160 equipment plus pets, mounts and shields. In addition, the characters have all additional stats set to 100, the common spells, and a permanent bonus of 1 Action Point, 1 Movement Point, and 1 Range.
  • All the matches are played after a draft phase.

All that's left for you to do is register. Reminder: You only have until next Monday to register for the DOFUS League Qualifiers!




KTA has its own Twitch channel, KTV, to broadcast its tournaments. There, you can watch the biggest matches of the season. KTA also has a YouTube channel with all the replays.


However, if you have a Twitch or YouTube channel and want to broadcast the KTA matches, you can. Head to the KTA Discord server and contact one of the "Head Staff" with your request!


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