Fitsef, the Meridia of Fun, loves to see people enjoying themselves and having a good time with friends or around a gaming table. revealed That's why he works day and night to create more and more opportunities to party! And this year he wasn't satisfied with just Flovor 16, so he is back today!

The Too Faux Karnaval, for which it's customary to dress up, is in full swing: a golden opportunity for Fitsef, who simply adores a masked ball!

Our beloved Meridia has been so busy preparing the greatest masked ball the World of Twelve has ever seen, he hasn't had time to ask for help from his favorite Meridia – Ninefi, the Meridia of Creativity, and Tiny and Tiris, the Meridia of Imagination and Ingenuity (respectively) – to craft him a brand-new mask! That means it's up to you to pitch in and lend a hand!

Your daily exploits, your courage in the face of enemies as fearsome as Piwis, and your unwavering ability to go through Zaaps without getting sick are all proof that you're prepared to take on any challenge. And don't worry – even Meridia know that nothing in life is free!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Create a Karnaval mask for Fitsef! But not just any mask. Here's a few details to spice up his request! 

You must:

– be crafty: Whatever materials you use, Fitsef wants you to incorporate at least one item you already have at home. Think of it as a recycling challenge! (That's right, Fitsef keeps up with the times!)
For residents of Srambad, we'll make it clearer: Use an item that belongs to you… nothing stolen or "borrowed."

– honor Ninefi, Tiny, and Tiris: Your mask must be thematically linked to DOFUS! It can be based on an NPC, a pet, an area, a resource, a monster, a flower, a Dofus – anything that tickles your fancy, so long as you demonstrate creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

– sign it: Be sure to share your character's name and your server when you submit your entry. Also give your artwork a name so we know where you drew inspiration from.

– have fun!

What's this about earning a pretty kama (or two)?

Fitsef will reward the top 3 creations as follows:

  • First place
    • the Mask Parade Pack
    • Colorable ceremonial Mask Parade Set
    • Colorable pet Dustoro
    • Big Wave emote
    • 6,000 ogrines
    • 15-day subscription!
  • Second place
    • Colorable ceremonial Mask Parade Set
    • Colorable pet Dustoro
    • Big Wave emote
  • Third place
    • Colorable ceremonial Mask Parade Set
    • Colorable pet Dustoro*

So what are you waiting for? You have until March 4 at 4 p.m. CET to submit your entry! On your mark, get set… go?

How to Enter

  • Your entry must include, in a single forum message:
    • your character's name, the server you play on, and a title for your creation.
    • You must submit three images:
      • the item you've incorporated ("recycled") into your mask
      • your creation process
      • your masterpiece in all its splendour, with DOFUS in the background
  • All 3 photos are required for your entry to be valid. You may include more if you like.



  • Your creation needs to be posted on another forum topic. If you are unsure how to submit your masterpiece, feel free to follow this tutorialEntries submitted below (in this contest announcement publication)  will not be taken into consideration.
  • Only one entry per account (no multi-account allowed).
  • Only entries from accounts belonging to the INT EN community will be accepted. *
  • Forum entries can be edited/modified until the contest ends.
  • The winners will be announced a week after the contest ends.
  • Entries must comply with DOFUS' Terms of Use

Good luck!

* Not belonging to the FR, ES, PTBR, and DE communities