To achieve perfection, sometimes you have to tear everything down and rebuild it better. Home designer Pawger Hazard certainly won't argue with that! As the first version of our "House for Sale!" event didn't receive the enthusiasm we'd hoped for, we're back with shiny new plans that are more in line with your housing needs!

We recently announced our decision to cancel the "House for Sale!" event and offer something you'd like better. While we obviously can't take everyone's wishes into account, be aware that we're doing our best to please as many people as possible.

The new version of the event will consist of two competitive parts:

  • The first part will take place on all servers; it should be done as a guild and will earn you a paddock.
  • The second part will only be accessible on the Boune server and will reward you with your very own house!

Getting a Remarkable Paddock

Posted in front of the Kanojedo in Amakna Village located at [0,0] on the map, Pawger Hazard will offer you one of the wonderful paddocks he's responsible for. But first you'll need to indulge his appetite for epic confrontations by gathering companions and completing a unique challenge… You can choose from three potions that will turn you into:

  • A strong and agile fighter
  • A magic user who can aid their allies
  • Or a rugged tactician who has mastered unit placement in combat

These transformations will give you new spells and predetermined characteristics separate from your own.

Those who manage to defeat the group of monsters the fastest (number of turns, or duration of combat in the event of a tie) will be the winners. The event will start at 3 p.m. (Paris time) on Friday, April 2 and will end at 3 p.m. on Monday, April 5. The results will be announced on Tuesday, April 6, and the rewards will be distributed on Wednesday, April 7 during weekly maintenance.
To purchase the paddock, the guild leader must have the kamas needed in his inventory at the time of distribution.

As with the previous version, you'll have the option to choose your preferred paddock based on your ranking after the challenge ends.

To participate, combatants must be at least level 50 and belong to the same guild. The entire guild wins the paddock, but only the leader will be its owner. Additionally, multiple groups from the same guild can try their luck, but keep in mind that the guild can only score a single paddock.

Remarkable Paddocks
Paddock name Position Number of spaces Price
Bonta City Walls [-34,-48] 20

4,565,000 k

Breeder Village [-55,6] 17

3,877,500 k

Brakmar [-23,35] 6

1,402,500 k

Bonta [-29,-58] 5

1,155,000 k

Amakna Castle [4,-4] 8

1,760,000 k

Koalak Mountain [-17,2] 10

2,255,000 k

Lousy Pig Plain [-4,-31] 9

2,172,500 k

Border of Bonta [-30,64] 7

1,567,500 k

Brakmar Coast [-27,43] 11

2,420,000 k

Brakmar City Walls [-29,42] 12

2,640,000 k

Also be aware that for non-single-account servers, the event won't be limited to guilds. The best team on each server will be rewarded; each team member will receive the following prizes:

  • Their choice of a Polykrome helmet: The Solomonk (level 120), the Adventurer Hat (level 1), or the Mitch Shroom (level 150)
  • A mimisymbic

Getting a Remarkable Home

Starting at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 2, the keys to remarkable homes will drop as rare loot from nearby monsters (see the table below). The difficulty involved in getting these keys will be proportional to the price of the remarkable home: The more expensive it is, the harder it'll be to get its key! Keep in mind that each key has a set drop rate – it isn't affected by prospecting or challenges. To be able to get a key, you'll need to have:

  • At least the house's value in kamas in your inventory during combat
  • A character at level 50 or higher

Once a key has been obtained, no other player can get it. An alert will then inform online players that it's no longer available. Houses will be distributed gradually as more keys are secured. An account that already owns a house on the server will not be able to obtain a key. Another important detail: There's no deadline for getting keys – they will be available until they're obtained!
Warning: you won't be able to use Bwak Eggs in the areas impacted by the event until the key has been obtained.

Remarkable Homes
House name Position Price Drop zone(s) Available
Lakeside Palace [-21,-5] 60,000,000 k Enchanted Lakes No
Gardener's House [5,31] 250,000 k Scaraleaf Plain No
Mountain House [-3,-7] 275,000 k Crackler Mountain No
Little House Near the Bridge [1,32] 125,000 k Porco Territory No
Sufokian Villa [13,27] 10,000,000 k Sufokia Yes
Small Astrub House (Zaap) [4,-19] 2,000,000 k Astrub City, Astrub Forest, Astrub Rocky Inlet, Tofu Corner, Astrub Meadow, Astrub Fields, Astrub Mines, Astrub Outskirts No
Enormous Carver's House [-29,-58] 5,000,000 k Cania Fields, Eltneg Wood No
Enormous Brakmarian House [-29,38] 5,000,000 k Brakmar Coast, Cemetery of the Tortured No
Luxurious Breeder's House [-57,5] 8,000,000 k Coral Beach, Grassy Plains No
Small Astrub House (Bank) [4,-16] 2,000,000 k Astrub City, Astrub Forest, Astrub Rocky Inlet, Tofu Corner, Astrub Meadow, Astrub Fields, Astrub Mines, Astrub Outskirts No
Cottage With Walkway [7,10]

400,000 k

Ingalsses' Fields, Brouce Boulgoure's Clearing No
Foundry Chalet [0,5] 400,000 k Gobball Corner, Milicluster No
Hull Edifice [8,-3] 300,000 k Madrestam Harbour, Kawaii River No
Sawmill Cottage [4,8] 200,000 k Ingalsses' Fields, Brouce Boulgoure's Clearing No

Eager to snag your dream house? Then start by rolling up your sleeves!