Ecaflip City... You're finally here! Those endless nights, perfect for burning through every last kama on every kind of fun and games. Those moments when the air crackles with tension between players – so thrilling, they're almost intoxicating… And that precious moment, frozen in time, when you finally win it all! Temporis V is underway in DOFUS right now!

There's no point trying to keep our poker face: we're hopping with excitement like a bunch of fleeflees! The Temporis V servers are finally accessible in-game!  For more information, read the HUB news article on the subject.

As you know, the wheel has turned since the last edition of Temporis, and now it's the god Ecaflip's turn to run the show. To celebrate this special event, we're offering a pack for adventurers of all stripes! You'll love this pack… We're willing to bet on it!

But hurry, it's limited to just 500 units! The pack contains:

Go all-in on a new pad! An extra-large mousepad to play Bow Meow with your mouse…

We bet you're gonna love them…

The Jack Pop soft drinks – violet-flavored and lime-flavored* – will tickle your whiskers!

Be like Feline Vion… collect them all!

Heeeere, Kitty-Neko… These scaled-down Ecaflips, directly inspired by the DOFUS Maneki-Neko coin bank, bring joy, health, fortune, love, and luck to the game. Pretty cool, right? Stick them wherever you like!

Temporis V Clawed Mystery Box

Test your luck and unlock a random item from those inside!

Life is like a box of fortune cookies…**

If you're the type to entrust your fate to a cookie… treat yourself!





* See ingredients in the item description.
** This is the only product that is not exclusive to the Temporis V Pack.